Electric cars, not machines of war!

Just one day after ANZACs mourned Australia’s defeat on the shores of Turkey,  Malcolm Turnbull will visit Adelaide today (26 April 2016) to announce that the French have won a bid to build the navy’s new submarines.

As part of a pre-budget election ‘sweetener’, the new submarines will cost the taxpayer $50 billion.

In his speech, Turnbull will claim that construction of the sub­marines will involve jobs for ­between 1200 and 2000 workers in roles ranging from submarine design to high-level welding.

Wouldn’t it be better to build Australian-made electric cars than French war machines in Adelaide, a city that once boasted a vibrant car manufacturing industry!

Ian Curr
26 April 2016

One thought on “Electric cars, not machines of war!

  1. praxidice says:

    Unfortunately that idea is far too intelligent for the neanderthals we’ve elected to run the country.

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