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Global Pearls is an idea that was birthed during a very long and reflective drive out to Kenilworth on the Sunshine Coast one day after being so deeply inspired by my experience in India late last year

It’s aim over time is to discover a collective of community development initiatives around the world and provide a space for small scale projects to showcase the diverse creative talents and products made by its participants while raising awareness about the social and economic contribution it endeavours to have within its community. It realises the potential of social media and internet as a vehicle that permeates boundaries to create a global awareness and connectivity.

Lilani Upcycled Fabrics (LUF) and Global Pearls have pioneered a fairtrade relationship founded on trust, communication and above all patience. I am welcoming you to view and purchase if you so wish these incredible products I have just received across the seas. Made by the very talented and ever so humble Rashna and her innovative team of artisans in a small remote rural village in South India.

Each item is so delicately sewed, handmade, stitched and crocheted to create a unique piece full of love that will brighten any home and space. The beautiful part is that the products are made with recycled fabrics from Indian cottons and silks from the traditional dress and saris.

This purchase supports the employment and training of woman and men in Anandapuram. People of this region rely heavily on alternate forms of income as traditional ways of living sustainably off the land are being threatened by climate change and drought, a problem we contribute largely to in Australia.

In order for this process to be sustainable it requires good people like yourself to purchase or share this website with your family and friends.

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Please Note: Postage is additional however if you on the Sunshine Coast delivery can be arranged for free 😉

Please join our community on Facebook and Instagram: @globalpearls. If you are or know a small scale artistic or creative project that contributes directly and ethically to the livelihood of its participants or community. We would love to hear from you <3

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