Public Housing at Millers Point

on this coming tuesday and wednesday of the following week there will be two events that highlight the burning need for public housing and the urgent need to save the housing estate at millers point.

once again the nsw government is wanting to move those requiring social housing out of millers point and to use the refurbished housing stock as a fund raiser. years ago i lived in 75 kent street millers point and the tenants resisted the same moves then from being moved out to the outlying suburbs.

again that hoary argument that the poor should not live in the precincts of sydney as that is the true domain of only those who can afford to buy a place and live there. all the entertainments of the city are not for the poor and/or the marginalised. inner city living is only for the ‘lifters’ and most certainly not for what are disparagingly called the ‘leaners.’

today, again, it is millers point. how long before the glebe estate is monitored for greed rather than social benefit? or the waterloo estate? pushes have already been done when frank sartor was in government but tenant resistance made the government pull back. but of course they will come back to relieve us from our social housing units. our subsidised rental status, in the opinion of the government, means we must continue to be grateful for our socialised humble abodes some 50+ kilometres from the inner city.

please attend the housing rally outside parliament house on this tuesday followed by the film night and sausage sizzle the following week. details below.


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

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