Will you join us on #March4 ?

Stand for Queensland

The victory over the Newman LNP Government last month showed the power of a community working together. It’s time to celebrate and consolidate on March 4 with gatherings across the state (and the nation).

Tony Abbott and his mates in big business have launched another attack on the living standards of Australian workers with a Productivity Commission review designed to cut penalty rates, abolish the minimum wage, bring back unfair individual contracts and swing even more power to employers.

The time to stand up and fight back is now. Join thousands of other Australians for rallies across the nation on Wednesday, March 4.

The Brisbane rally will be held outside Parliament House at 12noon in George Street to celebrate what we’ve achieved working together to get rid of the Newman government. It will also let Tony Abbott and the LNP know that one-term governments happen and theirs is next.

Register your attendance now.

Rallies will also be held in Townsville and Mackay – click here for details.

Let’s make it crystal clear to Tony Abbott and his mates in big business: we didn’t vote for these cuts and we won’t sit back while they attack our living standards.

You can also download campaign resources and artwork here and decide what you will #March4.

John Battams
Queensland Council of Unions

Ron Monaghan
General Secretary
Queensland Council of Unions

Ros McLennan
Assistant General Secretary
Queensland Council of Unions


Stand For Queensland
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