Exposing the solar subsidies ‘scandal’ – the REVENGE of THE LNP

If you hear media reports about how solar systems are failing left right and centre and that billions of tax payers money has been wasted on subsidizing solar, please read the reality below. Both the government’s own reports from the Clean Energy Regulator, who do regular random inspections of solar systems, and a recent Choice report on the performance of solar system, shows that this story is simply not true.

These stories are, in my opinion, likely to be a complete fabrication by the LNP or the fossil fuel industry to again attack the solar industry. They have probably chosen the Fairfax Media to release this story because the Murdoch press has been so blatantly anti-renewable energy for years now and so lacks all credibility. Unfortunately it will make the Fairfax reporters look bad as they clearly didn’t do any checks or didn’t care about the accuracy of the information.

The problem has come about because the two leading industry associations, the Australian Solar Council and the Clean Energy Council are no longer on speaking terms with Federal Environment Minister Greg Hunt. This came about progressively as these associations slowly realised that the LNP was not going to, in any way, constructively support the continued development of the renewable energy industry. In fact they have realised that the LNP is actively trying to shut the industry down.

To make matters worse, the Australian Solar Council actively campaigned across Queensland in marginal electorates, in the recent election, to explain to Queenslanders just how ruthlessly the LNP was attacking the solar industry. This had resulted in a loss of about 1500 jobs in the solar industry in the past couple of years in Queensland, and about 5000 across Australia. This campaigning clearly got up the nose of the LNP as hundreds of people attended the ASC forums and where heard on talk back radio criticising the LNP for their lack of support for the renewable energy industry, which now employs over 21,000 workers.

So it looks like Minister Hunt is trying to have his revenge on the solar industry.

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