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Colectivo Sustento and three days in January Hi folks, Please have a look at the above two links. The first describes a crowd funding effort for an extraordinary project in Chile. The second connects you with Colectivo Sustento, the organization in Chile that is sponsoring … Continue reading


Top Protest Songs 2014

Broadcast on PShift (4zzz fm 102.1 at noon on fridays) on Friday 16 jan 2015 Andy’s picks for 2014 plus some background from Andy and Ian … listen in at MC Triks and bAbE Sun – We still right … Continue reading


No More Pollies’ Snouts in Money Troughs

Issues relating to unfettered coal and gas mining, corruption and the lack of a fair and unbiased political system in Queensland will be major topics in the upcoming election. Lock the Gate Alliance has developed a survey with a set … Continue reading


Sorry Vigil

This vigil will be held on the eve of Australia Day, it will be a silent, candle-lit vigil with the aims of: 1. Acknowledging our respect for the Indigenous people of Australia and their loss of lives, culture, rights, freedom, … Continue reading


Shame job Australia – “They came through the gate with my boy’s body more than six hours later”

“They took my boy’s body away. I wanted to go with my son. They left us behind. They didn’t care to listen.” “They just looked at us. They flew off, right in our faces.” “They left us behind.” “They just … Continue reading


The march of hypocrites.

the article below by guy rundle of crikey thankfully gives some relief and balance to the over-orchestrated screams of hypocrisy and cant emanating from the alleged world leaders of so-called national democracies. the carefully prepared list in the article most … Continue reading


The Red Contingent

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[Publisher’s Notes: These photos were taken from the May Day March Brisbane circa 1983 by Ian Rintoul from the International Socialists. The photos reflect the state and composition of the Left in Brisbane in the early 1980s after the big … Continue reading


Irish Musicians & Artists return to Chelsea Manning’s Welsh Hometown in solidarity with Family

Jan 23-24 : Irish Musicians & Artists return to Chelsea Manning’s Welsh Hometown in Solidarity with Family 23-24 Jan: Join us for 2nd Manning Truthfest in Pembrokeshire 23-24 Jan: Join us for 2nd Manning Truthfest in Pembroke…Remember the Manning Truthfest … Continue reading


death in custody of mr. wallam

[PN: Here is the latest from ray jackson from the indigenous social justice association. Ever since local police claimed that eddie murray hung himself in Wee Waa watchouse in 1981, there has been a pall of disbelief over police or … Continue reading


Hey look I made the Palestine team at the Asia Cup!

….which may go some way to explain the 4-0 loss to Japan at Newcastle last Monday! Japan are one of the favorites to win the competition so it’s not such a bad result. (soft penalty, one of our guys got … Continue reading

Archies Election Tips – Seats C to E

[PN: Archie always has the inside running on corruption in Queensland politics … LNP Minister for Tourism, Gavin King, jumps the gate for being the lowest of all time oncer … it is a shame that Archie did not mention the honourable member being briefly detained and questioned by Australian Federal Police in 2005 for his coverage of anti-war protesters Christians Against All Terrorism, who broke in to the Pine Gap defence base near Alice Springs. King’s camera was confiscated by Police.]


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership and how to beat it

[PN: WBT publishes this article here because there is a similar agreement the TransPacific Partnership agreement signed up to by 12 nations:US, Japan, Australia, Peru, Malaysia, Vietnam, New Zealand, Chile, Singapore, Canada, Mexico, and Brunei Darussalam. The Transatlantic version is … Continue reading

Debt in the Banana Republic

[PN: In this article, ‘with sober senses’ explains ‘social reproduction’ in the context of the debt crisis claimed by Qld government as a rationale for austerity. It is part of a series of articles written from a marxist perspective about the crisis created under capitalism which sees rising unemployment, social inequality, and the demise of regional towns in Qld. Falls in commodity prices (oil, gas, agricultural products etc) have produced ‘the Dutch Disease‘ where over-reliance on mining has pushed up the value of the $A and made it impossible for the rest of the economy to compete on world markets. Ian Curr, Jan 2015. ]

With Sober Senses

( Originally published in, and wonderfully edited by, the good people at Mutiny)
Since their election Queensland’s LNP government has unleashed a wave of attacks on the conditions of workers and communities. These attacks include at least, the planned reduction of 20,000 public servant staff and the capping of wages, defunding of NGOs in the community sector, the intensification of the government’s power to ban strikes and restrict industrial action and notably homophobic policy that targets Queer organisations and has seen the watering down of civil unions and the removal of surrogacy rights for Queer parents (and unmarried heterosexual relationship shorter than two years). This constitutes a profound reorganisation of what we could call social reproduction.

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News from Freedom Flotilla to West Papua



Canberra magistrate frees Indigenous ‘trespasser’ and queries charge

An Australian Capital Territory magistrate has strongly questioned a decision by prosecutors to pursue a trespass-related charge against an outspoken Indigenous campaigner after a dispute over the public housing property he was using for his embassy. Continue reading


Don’t let Martin die

He says that he is not holding this protest for himself but for the 
around 40 other asylum seekers in Wickham Point who, like him, have 
been re-detained but are facing indefinite detention because the
 government cannot deport them. 

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Guantanamo Bay – 13 years too long

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Originally posted on andypaine:
I hung out in the city today for an hour or so handing out these pamphlets. I was met with a little bit of support, a bit more disagreement, but almost unanimous disinterest. Not the response…


PACSI: kicking off a Happy New Year with the Asia Cup!

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If you are in Brisbane and can’t make it to Melbourne, Canberra or Newcastle to see the Palestinian team compete in the Asia Cup, there’s still going to be a taste of Palestine in Brisbane with the Al Zayton dance … Continue reading


Meet the three American families bank-rolling Israel’s Benjamin Netanyahu

 Ninety per cent of funds for PM’s primary contest came from US  More than 90 per cent of the recent campaign contributions collected by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu came from the US, official records show. In previous campaigns, around … Continue reading


The year to come: National Union of Students

The year to come: National Union of Students.


Indigenous resistance and traditional leadership: Understanding and Interpreting Dundalli

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Indigenous resistance and traditional leadership: Understanding and Interpreting Dundalli [1] European Australians have always had trouble understanding the system of traditional authority which operated in Australia. In the 1830s the German missionaries and British officials at the Brisbane penal settlement … Continue reading


My top 10 songs of 2014

Originally posted on andypaine:
This is now the fourth year in a row I’ve done one of these posts, and I really enjoy thinking back through all the music I’ve listened to through the year to remember the songs that…


Freedom Summit comes to Brisbane


Invasion Day/ Solidarity Workshop for Non First Nations People

10am – 2pm Saturday 17 Jan 2015 Justice Place 5 Abingdon Street Woolongabba “Who owns this land?” “They do!” “Who stole this land?” “We did!” Have you ever experienced the irony of being on the wrong side of this chant? … Continue reading


Last Man Standing

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Many Rivers Events January – February 2015 Friday 9, 10, 11 January BOODA-GAR BOOTHRUM Ocean Dreaming (Facebook Event page) Walkabout to take place from the 9th of January 2015, at Black Rocks, in the Bundjalung National Park. Saturday 17 and … Continue reading


Leila Khaled on Speaking Tour in S.Africa

11th Floor, Braamfontein Centre 23 Jorissen Street Braamfontein, 2017 Johannesburg South Africa 07 January 2015 Dear Friends and Comrades, NELSON MANDELA AND LEILA KHALED Above is a photo of Nelson Mandela and Leila Khaled, both have been dubbed “terrorists” by … Continue reading


Whitlam and the CIA.

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Ode to Dundalee

More deadly speeches This time in the rain The crowd was treated to a treble – Two water blessings And a smoking! Dundalee proud warrior of the age When will they recognise you in school and no longer treat us … Continue reading

You can’t trust the public trustee

[PN: WBT publishes this expose from the Canberra Times in the interest of any workers who have their hard earned money under the control of the public trustee, anywhere]

Public Trustee for the ACT rocked by alleged fraud scandal

A massive alleged embezzlement scandal has been uncovered at a small government agency that looks after the funds of the most vulnerable Canberrans.

The office of the Public Trustee for the ACT has stood down two staff on full pay after discovering money was allegedly wrongly taken from people whose assets it held in trust. Public Trustee Andrew Taylor said police and the auditing firm KPMG were investigating what he called irregularities in accounts.

Mr Taylor said he could not discuss the allegations in detail. However, sources say the amount exceeded $1 million, and the office believes third parties, such as contractors, may have been involved by inflating prices on invoices.

It is believed the alleged embezzlement took place over years and involved hundreds of accounts.

The trustee helps to care for Canberrans who, as a result of illness, accident or disability, must give someone else the power of attorney to make decisions on their behalf. The small office also administers estates of the deceased.

Mr Taylor said none of the trustee’s clients would lose money as its funds were guaranteed and insured. ”The well-being of our clients is our absolute priority and of paramount concern, and the issue of restitution is foremost in our minds,” he said.

The office had never experienced any noteworthy fraud in the three decades it had operated.

”The staff we employ here take a very strong vocational interest in their work,” Mr Taylor said. ”They are a certain kind of person who care about what they do, and they’ve taken it pretty hard.

”They feel it [the alleged fraud] may reflect on their own work, which is not the case. But there’s a very sombre mood here.”

Mr Taylor suspended two employees on full pay on the advice of lawyers and as required by the staff’s enterprise bargaining agreement.

No one had yet admitted taking money wrongly, he said.

The office employs fewer than 30 people. In June last year, it had about $300 million in funds under management and more than 110 properties worth about $50 million.

Before the alleged embezzlement was uncovered, the office hired KPMG to review its fraud, corruption and risk-mitigation strategies, and to train staff in fraud awareness.

Mr Taylor said that after putting into place some of the review’s recommendations, trustee staff ”discovered some irregularities with some of the clients’ accounts”.

ACT Attorney-General Simon Corbell said the allegations were very concerning.

”I am confident the Public Trustee has taken all possible steps to address the situation and put in place additional measures to ensure clients will not be adversely affected,” he said.


National Protest in Canberra on 13 February 2015: Join the fight against ongoing Stolen Generations!

Dear GMAR members, allies and supporters, I hope the new year finds you in good spirits and looking forward to the inspiring protest action on the horizon. Please find below details for the next major mobilisation against ongoing Stolen Generations … Continue reading