Debt in the Banana Republic

[PN: In this article, ‘with sober senses’ explains ‘social reproduction’ in the context of the debt crisis claimed by Qld government as a rationale for austerity. It is part of a series of articles written from a marxist perspective about the crisis created under capitalism which sees rising unemployment, social inequality, and the demise of regional towns in Qld. Falls in commodity prices (oil, gas, agricultural products etc) have produced ‘the Dutch Disease‘ where over-reliance on mining has pushed up the value of the $A and made it impossible for the rest of the economy to compete on world markets. Ian Curr, Jan 2015. ]

With Sober Senses

( Originally published in, and wonderfully edited by, the good people at Mutiny)
Since their election Queensland’s LNP government has unleashed a wave of attacks on the conditions of workers and communities. These attacks include at least, the planned reduction of 20,000 public servant staff and the capping of wages, defunding of NGOs in the community sector, the intensification of the government’s power to ban strikes and restrict industrial action and notably homophobic policy that targets Queer organisations and has seen the watering down of civil unions and the removal of surrogacy rights for Queer parents (and unmarried heterosexual relationship shorter than two years). This constitutes a profound reorganisation of what we could call social reproduction.

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