Sorry Vigil

This vigil will be held on the eve of Australia Day, it will be a silent, candle-lit vigil with the aims of:

1. Acknowledging our respect for the Indigenous people of Australia and their loss of lives, culture, rights, freedom, connections and place as a direct and ongoing impact of colonisation.
2. Reflecting on our own placement in this country and considering what it means to celebrate the anniversary of an invasion which led to genocide.
3. Promoting mindfulness of our presence on stolen land and a commitment to working towards greater unity between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

What will happen?
A candle-lit gathering will assemble from 7pm on Sunday 25th January (location TBC, but it will be in the city). Free information pamphlets will be available to outline key issues and assist with reflection. A space will be available to leave messages of support for the Indigenous community, or reflections on your experience at the Vigil. You may come and go as you require during the 2 hour Vigil, but please move quietly and respectfully at all times.

What to bring?
You are welcome to bring signs of support and blankets/camping chairs for your own comfort, and if you have your own candles feel free to bring these along. Candles will be available at the event, donations to cover costs appreciated.

If you would like to offer support in the organisation of this event, please contact the event host directly.


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