Summit For Freedom

this summit will surpass any thing that has come before, except for 1988.

the noise out there is getting louder and louder. the rush to get to alice is huge and growing everyday.

but it will come as no great shock that we desperately need financial help or in-kind help such as offers of buses or other transport to get us there.

another non-great surprise is that no government, or opposition for that matter, will offer us not one cent towards an event that is meant to empower our true leaders and our mobs as a whole.

please do not view this post as a personal appeal for funds for myself, it us most definitely not. my costs have been offered and accepted.

should you wish to donate to the freedom summit event then please do so as detailed in the attachment.

we are a many varied people but we must cast aside the many petty squabbles and unite.

we must, all of us, finally speak with the one voice and, if required, strike with one fist. not in a violent way but in a fist of solidarity to our freedom from colonial laws and to grasp and raise high the banner for self determination.

sovereignty, treaties, social justice!

we do not have the right to ignore or throw away what our ancestors have always fought for.

it is really up to us so lets just do it!


ray jackson
indigenous social justice association

prix des droits de l’homme de la republique fraincaise 2013
(french human rights medal 2013)

1303/200 pitt street, waterloo. 2017
61 2 9318 0947
0450 651 063

we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people

Summit For Freedom fundraiser 2014.docx

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