Qld Dossier

Radical Times brings us yet another historic video.

This time it is a documentary shot in various places around Queensland in 1978 linking Bjelke Petersen’s ban on street marches with the State’s repression of opposition to uranium mining and Land Rights (44 minutes).

Peter Gray from Radical times said that an earlier video  “If You Don’t Fight, You Lose” nicely compliments “Queensland Dossier” in the sense that the month that project completed shooting and started editing (i.e. December 1977) appears to be the same month that the Jeune (Pritchard)’s documentary started shooting (and then continued shooting during 1978).   So one starts where the other left off.   Perfect segue…..

You can view the documentary and associated material on the Radical Times Historical Archive web site at grid position 7A by clicking on this thumbnail image…

One of the directors Jeune Pritchard describes the making of Queensland Dossier

“What did come through quite strongly in the course of this (video) tape was the disunity of the left, the divisions between the Socialist Workers Party, the Communist Party, the various Trades and Labour Councils, splits between unions, women and Aboriginal groups. The Civil Liberties Co-ordinating Council (sic) has been unable to achieve a unity between parties opposed to National Party policies. The tape only begins to explore these splits, the divisions are articulated but not really analysed.”

Description of the documentary from Filmnews, May 1979…

Those appearing in the video include:

John Freeland Queensland Teachers Union, Jill Calvert, Jenny Barry, Ian Viner Minister for Aboriginal Affairs (1975 – 1978), Malcolm Fraser, Joh Bjelke-Petersen, Larry Lanley Tribal Council, Prince Ascot, Ted Butler Department of Aboriginal and Islander Affairs (State), John Omond Department of Aboriginal Affairs (Federal), Annie Chong, Charles Porter Queensland Minister for Aboriginal and Islander Affairs, Rona Joyner.

Produced by Jeune Pritchard and Luc Pelissier
Super 8 footage: Marian Redmond
Additional footage: Megan McMurchy
Videotape editor: Stephen Jones
Editing Facilities: N.S.W. Institute of Technology, Media Centre
Graphics: Shirley Martin
Made with assistance from the Australian Film Commission, 1978
Distribution: Sydney Filmmakers Co-operative
Completed February 1979, Sydney

Original format is 3/4-inch U-matic BVU (high band) colour video.

An earlier version of the documentary was screened in the Ozone Cinema, Paddington Town Hall, Sydney on 9 July, 1978. The final version was released upon completion around February 1979.

Video restoration by Stephen Jones 2014.

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