‘Sorry’ doesn’t mean taking our children

On 27 March Pru Goward and the NSW Government passed the most dangerous legislation against vulnerable children and families since Federation. These new Laws are NOT reforms to Child Protection they are Human Rights violations.

Pru Goward stated in Parliament during debate of her legislation “It is always about money.”

It is very obvious this legislation is about saving money NOT what is in the best interest of vulnerable children. This Legislation is also designed to meet the needs of the rich, powerful and famous friends and associates of Pru Goward and their demand for other people’s children – this is blatant social eugenics at its ugliest.

Nowhere is this legislation will Pru Goward’s Department be bound by any Law to provide help and support to families. Quick and easy Forced adoptions for well off childless couples without parental knowledge or consent will now be the priority of the NSW Government for children in Care to save money and enable a supply of children to meet the demands of Pru Goward’s influential associates.
The department provides NO support they just steal children and tear families apart. There is not enough services to support vulnerable children and families because the government won’t fund them, so parents have been set up to loose their stolen children for life because of disadvantage.

The most common reason children enter care is an unregistered caseworkers opinion of a perception of neglect or emotional harm, only one third enter care as a result of abuse. Statistics evidences that most child abuse occurs at the hands of non-biological carers.

Legal Aid is under funded for families in Care and Protection matters resulting in inadequate or at times no legal defence for victims. There is an abusive imbalance of power denying justice to innocent and vulnerable families ensuring the Government wins at all cost with the best crown lawyers all funded by taxpayers

Children in Care can now be given any unapproved drugs or treatment the agency wants no matter how inhumane or dangerous. Significantly high numbers of Children in Care are already on dangerous drugs to hide the trauma of their forced removal so foster parents can better manage them as Zombies. This is a Law that will DAMAGE children for life, this should be criminal but is now legal.

Shame on Pru Goward and all who supported this dangerous legislation that will result in continued abuse of our children in Care.

The NSW Government has failed to learn the lessons of history.

Professor Scott urged Australia to follow the European Care System that focuses on preserving families, rather than the US and UK “grab the child and run” model.

Recent Long-term research from the failed UK and US systems evidences that

Forced adoptions do not ensure a safe, stable and loving home for life that is a myth.

There are websites in the US giving away no longer wanted adopted children – a gift to Paedophiles and child traffickers. In the foster care system there is supposed to be ongoing scrutiny of carers, supports and checks for children. But with such low caseworker numbers this is not occurring and is the cause of so much abuse in foster care. With adoption there will be no checks at all and no one to save these vulnerable children.

Open adoption is another myth as it will be up to the adoptive parents as to the possibility of any further contact with the biological family. Debra Lee Furness who is driving this adoption campaign backed by James Packer reneged on the open adoption of her son from the Child Protection System in the United States and shut the biological mother off she then committed suicide due to grief and loss according to her father.

Vulnerable children and families that have committed no crime that need support are not receiving help, instead families are forcibly ripped apart so often without warning. Now these children will be forcibly adopted for life because it costs less and will meet the demands of the childless. Adoption is for Orphans not children who have families that love them. IT IS UN AUSTRALIAN

Adoption is a 20th century tragedy, that should have been outlawed – instead the NSW Government has inflicted this human cruelty on yet another generation.No longer can Pru Goward or the NSW Government plead ignorant. The damage to individuals taken from their kin and placed with strangers, either fostered or adopted, is horrendous and lifelong. The damage to their parents has proven irreparable and is passed down to subsequent generations.

Child safety workers are NOT a registered Profession in Australia they have no Governing Body to establish and mandate codes of practice, conduct or even base levels of education and training. No external Board is monitoring their performance to protect the public from the harm their opinions are doing to children and families everyday. No one is holding these unregistered caseworkers accountable in an environment of secrecy.

Unregistered caseworkers have been given more power then any other Profession in Australia. Their opinions are made without adequate investigations, as evidence is not required in the secretive Care Courts so Parents are denied justice because a caseworker has failed to investigate allegations or lied in their affidavits.

The child protection industry has too much power with no accountability and this breeds an environment of incompetence, misconduct and corruption. It relies not on evidence but on an unregistered caseworkers opinion to forcibly remove and adopt children destroying families for life. That is why so many children are stolen and the system is and always has been a total failure. The public are being deceived.

The system of Forced Child removal has failed ever since it started. This time will be no different despite the spin and promises of Pru Goward. There is NO external complaints mechanism in the Australian Child Protection Industry so evidenced complaints are NOT being investigated by anyone but themselves and the Department is NOT being held to account for their criminal misconduct when dealing with vulnerable families and abuse of children in their care by anyone. Failures are being ignored and covered up.

The Federal Government said “SORRY” to the “Stolen Generation” the “Forgotten Australians” and most recently for past Forced Adoptions yet NOTHING has changed at the State level and the past abuses continue today. “Sorry” for past government abuse becomes meaningless while ever the abuse of the past continues today. NSW is the worst state of all, they have stolen more children then any other and under perform in every report released.

The only people that will benefit from this legislation in this multi-billion dollar Child Protection industry are the profiteering stakeholders especially the NGO’s currently before the Royal Commission for their past and ongoing abuses of vulnerable children.

Pru Goward has sold vulnerable children and families to private enterprise to save money these Laws will not ensure any better outcomes for children in care as the Royal Commission evidences daily and result in the ongoing lifelong damage of another stolen generation.

Innocent children and families who have committed no crime are being traumatised daily by the forced removal of children. The policy of child stealing by governments has to stop. Families must be supported to stay together and restoration of our stolen children must be the first priority of government, in the best interest of children, families and society.

History has evidenced that the Government is the worst parent of all, children are being abused and murdered in their care and the respective Government departments are not held accountable.

Without accountability this abuse will continue and Pru Goward and the NSW Government will have NO Defence when they are made to account for their abuse of another stolen generation.

Commissioner Carmody in the most recent inquiry into the failure of Child protection in QLD identified 3 main causes for the systemic failure in child protection:

An independent inquiry is URGENTLY needed to investigate the failures of the multibillion dollar Child Protection industry in this state to bring an end to the destructive system of child stealing created by governments that destroy children and families lives forever.Lets unite as one voice in the fight to BRING OUR STOLEN CHILDREN HOME

Speech given by Mary Moore outside Tamworth Department of Family and Community Services – NSW FACS

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