“New Unionism 2014”

The agenda for New Unionism 2014, a conference of labour-movement
activists sponsored by Workers’ Liberty, IWGB University of London,
Ruskin College UCU, PCS Independent Left, and Lambeth Activists, is now
online, at

It is also appended below.

Remember, you can buy tickets for the conference at
http://www.workersliberty.org/newunions. Prices go up on 21 March.

Hope to see you on 29 March!

12 Opening plenary, with speakers including Janine Booth (RMT activist
and AWL member)

12.40 Workshops
i. 3 Cosas: the story of how outsourced workers at University of London
got organised (IWGB University of London branch)
ii. How New Zealand fast food took on McDonald’s and won (speakers
include Mike Treen, national direct of the Unite union in New Zealand,
via Skype)
iii. How bosses use “performance management” as a weapon of class war
(with speakers from PCS Independent Left)

2 Lunch

2.50 Workshops
i. Micro-unions, pop up unions and more: what role in transforming the
labour movement? (Speakers include Daniel Randall, RMT activist and AWL
industrial organiser)
ii. Many “New Unionisms”: 200 years of labour movement history in
Britain (Edd Mustill, Independent Working-Class Education Network)
iii. Women rail workers’ fight against sexism – in their industry and in
their unions (Becky Crocker and Christine Willett, RMT activists just
returned from an international women transport workers’ conference in India)
iv. The fate of the “organising model” in the US and UK (Kim Moody,
author of US Labour in Trouble and Transition)

4.10 Break

4.25 Workshops
i. Independent working-class education past, present and future (Colin
Waugh, author of Plebs: the lost legacy of working-class education)
ii. Mary MacArthur and the 1911 chainmakers’ strike (Jill Mountford,
Workers’ Liberty)
iii. Back to the workplace: how to transform a union branch (Lambeth
council workers’ group Lambeth Activists)
iv. Organising against zero hours contracts (speakers tbc)

5.50 Closing Plenary, including a speaker from UID-DER, a rank-and-file
network in the Turkish labour movement, via Skype

6.30 Close – followed by a fundraiser for the 3 Cosas in the ULU Library
Bar from 8pm

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