Brisbane (a doing word)

Matty, like all good Queensland 20-something uni students, doesn’t know what the hell to do with his life.

He does stand up comedy, but no one laughs. He does contemporary theatre, but no one can see the point. He does slam poetry, but it’s not slammin’.

His psychologist-in-training boyfriend suggests therapy. His Christian girl-bestie suggests Jesus. His engineering roommate Lara suggests he get a real job and start paying his dues. Matty’s starting to get desperate enough to try all three!

For anyone who’s ever been confused about whether they love or hate their city, or themselves.

Vena Cava Productions is proud to premiere this original work written by David Burton (April’s Fool) and directed by Claire Christian (Escape from the Breakup Forest) as their first mainstage production for 2014.

Presented by Vena Cava Productions

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