March in March — Brisbane

The March in March was a festive vote of no confidence in the Abbott government.  (Refer

The Brisbane event is part of the national March in March movement and began in Matthew Donovan’s bedroom. He got on facebook and organised one of the largest rallies in Brisbane for some time. My estimate based on counting the rows of marchers down Alice Street was that over 5,000 people turned up and marched. This video confirms the size of the rally.

The rally started at Queens Park next to Treasury Casino at 11:30am for 12pm start.

Here is one commentary of police behaviour after the march:

Ok so I attended a march today where an elderly man with a high sense of compassion tried to prevent a motorcyclist club member from being harassed by police for protesting his freedom.

The elderly man was run down by the police in their car.

It looked excruciatingly painful and he required urgent medical assistance yet when fought with questioning and anger from the public the police just retorted with “well he shouldn’t have been infront of our car”.

To me this is unjust and should a normal person have run down a man because he was “standing in front of their car” they would’ve been faced with serious charges.

This will probably be taken down from Facebook so I urge those of you who are disgraced by this to share it because current news feeds are stating that he “fell over” [see also Brisbane CopWatch] and fail to mention he was deliberately hit. Being a witness to this crime I would greatly appreciate it.
— report by Yasemin]

NewsCorp reported this as the man ‘collapsing’ (pictured above);  this, despite several witnesses saying the man was hit by the police car that chased a bikie wearing his clubs colours.

Curiously, during the incident, the police detained the motorcyclist but then let him and his pillion go. The pillion held a confederate flag aloft as their bike raced off.

There were quite a few confederate flags flown during the rally. I wonder if the people protesting the VLAD laws are aware of the significance of this flag. It was flown on March 4, 1861, in Montgomery, Alabama, being raised over the dome of that first Confederate capitol – a confederacy that fought for the right to enslave African-Americans on the cotton fields of Alabama i.e. it is a flag of slavery and racism. I know ‘bikies’ in Brisbane fly the confederate flag as a symbol of rebellion but its racist past is not a good message to be sending out here in Queensland. A state that has such a racist history against aboriginal people.

The rally had a wide range of speakers from across the political spectrum. The speaking list was cut short by the heat and the march ensued. On return some of the speakers were invited to address the crowd.

It is interesting to note that in a surprise result, both major parties failed to win enough seats to form a majority government in South Australia this weekend, with each now locked in negotiations with independents Bob Such and Geoff Brock. This is a set back for the Abbott government and confirms that he may turn out to be ‘One Term Tony’.

Two Nyoongar women from Perth spoke at the rally about a new stolen generation. They were supported by tent embassy members, Boe Spearim and Karen Fusi. Here is their story.

The Cloudland Collective was handing out leaflets about cuts to the public hospital system on the day. They handed out 2 leaflets. One about the G20 and its policy prescriptions of wealth transfer to the world’s most powerful corporations, and another about our upcoming meeting on the crisis in Queensland’s public hospital system. Give them a call on mob: 0409 877 528 for more info.

The Refugee Action Collective  also had a contingent and a flyer. RAC is determined to gain justice for Reza Berati who was murdered on Manus Island Detention Centre.


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  3. Victoria Rollison says:

    Today I marched with my community at March in March Adelaide, and was honoured to have a chance to speak. Here is my speech:

    Thank you to the organisers of March in March for inviting me to speak today.

    If you’re wondering who I am, I’m one of you. I’m not a politician. I’m not a journalist. I’m not a lobbyist. I’m not a mining magnate. I don’t own a newspaper. I’m not an ‘insider’.

    But perhaps that is a benefit. Because it’s often the people on the outside who can see best what is happening inside. And right now, all I can see in our country’s recent past is the wreckage strewn in the wake of the Tony Abbott wrecking ball. And all I can see ahead is a whole lot more trouble for the country that we all love…

  4. Police harass motorcyclist says:


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