Has Scargill sold out the workers?

BBC: ‘Arthur Scargill (centre) was the figurehead of the National Union of Miners (NUM)’

[Editor’s Note: As readers may know, there were many attempts by the Murdoch and Tory press to discredit Arthur Scargill when he was leader of the 1983 Miners Strike against Thatcher. Some were extravagant lies like the one by Robert Maxwell that Scargill and another NUM official had their flats paid for by Libyan leader Gaddaffi:

The Tories hoped the media campaign would finally sweep away Scargill. They were supported by the Labour leadership, despite the findings of an independent report by Gavin Lightman QC, which cleared Scargill. In 1991 the three Mirror journalists who made up the story received Reporters of the Year Awards at the British Press Awards. Neil Kinnock, then Labour leader handed out the award and congratulated the three. – The Scargill Smears – It was all lies, admits Roy Greenslade


We know how unfavourable the BBC’s treatment of workers and their organisations have been down the years and specifically their negative views on the British miners their union, the NUM. But this incident, if true, reveals the depths to which the union leadership has fallen. The unions are in a dire situation, some might say doomed … time to start over.]

BBC: Scargill used Thatcherite policy in bid to buy London flat

The NUM flat was situated in Shakespeare Tower in London’s sought-after Barbican Estate development

Former miners’ union leader Arthur Scargill tried to use laws introduced by Margaret Thatcher to buy a council flat in London, the BBC has found.

In 1993 he applied to buy the flat on the prestigious Barbican estate under the right-to-buy scheme championed by Thatcher, his political enemy.

One former Yorkshire miner said: “It’s so hypocritical it’s unreal.”

Shakespeare Tower, Barbican The NUM flat was situated in Shakespeare Tower in London’s sought-after Barbican Estate development

NUM set to sue Scargill for £100,000
Scargill loses London flat case.


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