Free and fair vote for all

[Editors Note: No one talks about workers democracy anymore … why is that? Do people even know what it is? You know, going on strike, organising for better pay, conditions, for a better political system where workers have a say in what is produced … ]

Queensland’s Attorney-General has put forward new laws that would make it harder for you to cast your vote, cause longer queues on election day, and make elections more costly – but you can sound the alarm.

The impact will be most severe on our mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, and some of the most vulnerable members of our community. The proposed laws would require you to produce ID like a drivers’ licence in order to cast your ballot, but for the young, elderly, disabled – or the two thirds of Indigenous Australians who don’t have drivers’ licenses – that won’t work. They require a letter sent to your address, but if you’ve moved recently, or don’t have a fixed address, that won’t work …

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