indigenous social justice association: on a public meeting and other things

some final things for 2013 as we wind up for the year.

tonight, thursday, and apologies for the short reminder here, we will be holding our meeting at the redfern community centre at the block at 7pm to further our call for solidarity from those groups and individuals previously invited by letter to discuss the upcoming tj rally, amongst other solidarity actions.

the next and final isja meeting for the year will be held on 12 december. all are welcome to attend at 7pm at the redfern community centre. the january meetings will be held on 9 and 23 january, 2014 and thence every 2nd and 4th thursday of the month thereafter.

on friday 13 december we will be holding our last public meeting for the year at the settlement, 17 edward street, darlinton. . we begin at 7pm and finish, at the latest, by 9pm. tea, coffee and water will be available.

our first speaker will be david shoebridge of the nsw greens who due to other commitments on that night will need to speak first at 7pm sharp. david will clarify for us the upper house enquiry that is being put in place on behalf of the bowraville 3 families. we attempted to get a speaker from the families but we were not successful as they wish to await the outcome of the enquiry. this is, of course, their absolute right to do so. time permitting, david will speak to some of the anti-social laws being put in place by the o’farrell government.

our second speaker will be that most active of human rights activists, dr. gerry geogatas, who is now based in western australia, a state that is endemic with racism and human rights issues. gerry is a champion of fighting for the human rights of aborigines, asylum seekers but especially youth, among many other areas that he is involved in. on this night he will be informing us on the horror that is aboriginal suicide. suicide by our young ones,some being only 6 years old! what is happening within our aboriginal society and, more widely, within australian society, that over just a ten year period there has been close to 1000 aboriginal suicides?

100 aboriginal suicides a year! men, women and children. 9.3 aboriginal deaths per month for 120 months. were is the outrage from our governments, at all levels? we are some 3% of the population yet near 1 000 suicides in a decade! why no royal commission to look at the social issues behind these most shameful figures? or is this but another genocide in different government clothes. every australian government is guilty of doing nothing. gerry will explain why.

we are seeking a third speaker but this will be advised on the night.

i will be raising three death in custody issues that the families involved have asked isja for their input so as to ascertain if further legal action is possible against those that killed them.

the first death in custody event is the police shooting of mark mason on whom i have posted previously. basically mark, 44 years old, was tasered twice, capsicum sprayed twice and then finally shot twice because 5 police allegedly could not subdue him in a bedroom back in november, 2010.

the second death in custody event was that of 29 year old tony knight who died as a result of extreme force during a citizens arrest by 3 taiwanese nationals. this occurred in october, 2011 but the three tauiwanese nationals were allowed to return to taiwan having faced no charges. the coroner could find nothing wrong. his mother and family disagrees.

the third death in custody event was the fatal shooting in the face of ganamu garrawarra by the nt police back in april, 1990 on elcho island. ganamu was 42 years old at the time of his death. naturally, the police investigated the event and the coroner found no case to answer by the police officer who killed him. the family wish to know if they can claim compensation. isja will attempt to answer their questions and needs.

three grieving families but no real answers or closure for those families.

a black night for a friday 13th black night! but this is not some halloween-type horror, this is an ongoing aborinal horror and has been since 1788!

we especially invite the mainstream media.


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we live and work on the stolen lands of the gadigal people.

sovereignty treaty social justice.

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