Civil Liberties Meeting

Wed Nov 27, 6pm
Electrical Trades Union
41 Peel St, South Brisbane (enter from Merivale St)

The state LNP government has launched a rash of legislation unprecedented in its ramifications for our fundamental rights and freedoms. Under cover of a populist “law and order” offensive on “Bikies”, legislation has been passed and more is being proposed, that is worse than the darkest days of the Bjelke-Petersen era.

[Editors Note: Bjelke-Petersen was defeated by his own party.]
This unprecedented crackdown on fundamental civil liberties is being accompanied by an unprecedented expansion of police powers and discretion. New laws are being applied retrospectively, violating basic tenets of the legal system. Nobody is safe – the laws can be used to target unions, political organisations, protest groups and peaceful assemblies. The discretion of the judiciary has been severely curtailed. Organisers of private parties can now face 6 months prison or a $12,000 fine if police deem the party “out of control”. Being a current or former associate of an organisation can see you branded a Vicious Lawless Associate facing up to 25 years prison.

We are seeing a concurrent militarisation of the police force, with heavy armoured vehicles being “tested” on domestic disturbances and senior police being armed with assault rifles.

Laws have been passed allowing the government to pass on Department of Transport data to intelligence agencies, including personal photographs – legalising government spying on people who have committed no crime. A secret “blacklist” of activists is being prepared for the G20 in 2014 while new laws allow the forced eviction of those with a criminal record from their homes within the G20 restricted zones, as well as imprisoning without bail anyone police suspect might attempt to disrupt the G20. Already there are tales of street marches being harassed by police in Brisbane.

A massive people’s movement is needed to overturn these fascistic and anti-democratic laws. Individuals, unions, churches, members of the legal fraternity, and all civil and community organisations are urged to attend this important public meeting to launch a broad-based campaign, to build a movement to take back our democratic rights in Queensland. Let not a precedent be set that other governments will seek to mimic.

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