‘Roadmap to Apartheid’ screens in Brisbane

Just a reminder that JFP is screening the excellent documentary Roadmap to Apartheid on Saturday. See the details below.

As another round of the endless “negotiations” are announced the colonisation of Palestine continues and the Apartheid system is further entrenched.

You will never see this film on Australian TV don’t miss it!

Film screening:


Roadmap to Apartheid is a documentary about the parallels between the rise and implementation of the Apartheid system in South Africa and the systematic segregation and oppression of Palestinian people by Israel. Interviews with South Africans, Israelis, and Palestinians illustrate the similarities and the differences yet point to the hope suggested by the dawn of justice in South Africa.

Saturday September 21, 7pm

41 Peel St (cnr Merivale St)
South Brisbane

entry by donation

Organised by Justice for Palestine and al-Tariq
Email: contact@justiceforpalestinebrisbane.org



3 thoughts on “‘Roadmap to Apartheid’ screens in Brisbane

  1. Brisbane BDS flashmob makes cameo appearance says:

    Only 17 people turned up to see this excellent film, you won’t see it on the ABC or any other TV station in Australia. The film was organised by Justice for Palestine (Brisbane) and Al Tariq which is an NGO with an office in Palestine.

    Al Tariq received European funding to assist Palestinians in saving water and improving its quality. Nevertheless Israel retains complete control of the water by use of the Apartheid Wall, building of settlements, by military occupation and control of the aquifers.

    Al Tariq also runs children’s programs on the west bank for Israeli and Palestinian kids. It emphasises non-violence in a state that is committing genocide against Palestinians and making the Israelis superior before the law, thus creating a Jewish state by driving out the Palestinians to Lebanon, Syria and Jordan. Israel with the help of the US is breaking up the countries that surround it.

    Justice for Palestine (Brisbane) is a small grassroots organisation that tries to increase awareness of the struggle of the Palestinian people for Justice and Freedom and is part of an International Boycott Divestments & Sanctions campaign to put pressure on the state of Israel to get rid of its racist apartheid system against the Palestinians!

    Yes it is true – see if you can recognise the Brisbane Justice for Palestine flashmob in this film.

    Hint look for the the “Don’t buy Israeli apartheid for Christmas” sign at 1:25:53

    For those that missed the film at the ETU here is the full documentary (in English, with Italian subtitles)

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