WOMADelaide takes money from Israeli Embassy in Canberra

WOMADelaide 2013 has taken money from the Israeli Embassy and ignored the call of Palestinian civil society for an academic and cultural boycott of Israel until it respects human rights and complies with International law. We have written to the organisers to reconsider the sponsorship from the Israeli Embassy for one of their acts. We … Continue reading WOMADelaide takes money from Israeli Embassy in Canberra

Refugee homestay initiative fails

Another positive initiative killed off before it could really begin. "THE federal government's much-heralded "homestay" program for asylum seekers has collapsed, with just four people who have arrived on boats currently staying with Australian families. " From Homestay boat billet gets the bullet DailyTelegraph, February 12, 2013 REALITY What happened in reality is that people … Continue reading Refugee homestay initiative fails

Autistic boy teaches colorful magic

Enjoy this illsutrated short story from the anthologyCan you believe it...BRILLIANT COLOURSKay CurranTHERE are many ways of experiencing colour! The artist and the poet express the colours around them in amazing ways. Some people see their feelings in colour from the golden joy of a parent when they hold their child for the first time … Continue reading Autistic boy teaches colorful magic

Bahrain: no hope for the Al Khalifa regime

Bahraini nurse calls on international support after police kill 16 yr old during crackdown on anniversary of democracy protests. Hussain Al Jaziri, 16 years old, was killed by Bahraini security forces yesterday as the crackdown on pro-democracy protesters intensifies around the second anniversary of Bahrain’s ‘forgotten Arab Spring’. Rula al Saffar, President of Bahrain Nursing … Continue reading Bahrain: no hope for the Al Khalifa regime