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Foco Nuevo in February: SPECIAL EVENT




Friday February 1
8.00 p.m.

Kurilpa Hall
174 Boundary Street
West End

Welcome to 2013! We’re looking forward to another year of great performances by local and visiting musicians, and we’re starting off with a special event; touring musicians from the U.S. who specialise in music by some of the foundation figures in the folk music movement.

George Mann & Rik Palieri: George Mann sings songs from the last century of labour and social activism, and his own songs are powerful and funny takes on the state of the nation. His concerts are part sing-along, part history lesson, and he can make you shout for joy, send chills down your spine or bring tears to your eyes in the same set. George created and produced the “Hail to the Thief!” anti-Bush CD series, which featured such folk legends as Tom Paxton, Utah Phillips, and Billy Bragg, and his work with veterans, unions and anti-war groups has kept him on the frontlines for 20 years. [website]

“Totem Pole” Rik Palieri is a talented singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist. In a typical performance Rik will “flail” the banjo, stomp out a blues on guitar, spin out a wild and woolly story, pluck out a tune on the mouth bow, play a melody on the Native American flute and end the evening with an original Yodel-sing-a-long. Rik is an occasional writer for Sing Out!, Banjo Newsletter and author of a new book “The Road Is My Mistress, Tales Of A Roustabout Songster.” [website]

Rik and George will be performing classics of the labour movement, and specifically The Almanac Singers (who included Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger and Lee Hays), along with plenty of their own songs.

Combined Unions’ Choir: Formed in 1988, the Combined Unions Choir is the longest ‘Art in Working Life’ project in Australia. They have sung at concerts, protests, May Day, and peace rallies; entertaining people with their repertoire of political, peace and social justice songs. ‘A movement that sings never dies…’ [website]

Jumping Fences: A more compact line-up of the group will present some their favourite songs in a short but sharp set to welcome our overseas visitors. [website]

Hope to see you there,

Lachlan and Sue

(Next to the West End Library. Click

for a map)

$10 / $7 concession

Maggie’s delicious cakes and tea and coffee on sale.







Lennon and I are miffed

JOHN Lennon famously returned his MBE in protest about the war in Biafraand the Beatles single Cold Turkeyslipping down the charts. I won’t be receiving any Australia Day (January 26) award to return but I am mightily miffed at my novel Iraqi Icicle slipping down the charts.

The Beatles single Cold Turkey rose to number 14 on the UK Singles Chart on November 15, 1969. On November 22, Cold Turkey dropped to number 15, and on November 25, Lennon returned his MBE to Buckingham Palace saying

“I am returning this MBE in protest against Britain’s involvement in the Nigeria-Biafra thing, against our support of America in Vietnam, and against Cold Turkey slipping down the charts. With love, John Lennon.”
Yesterday, not the Beatles song, my novel Iraqi Icicle went to #37 in the Amazon Hot 100 humor freebies. By this afternoon, Aussie time, it had slipped below 60. This cannot continue.
As I have said before, giving away books is a hazy strategy for me. Apparently, you can be anointed by God, the Amazon Algorithm. Obviously if some of the Iraqi Icicle receivers review my novel, it will be beaut.
Whatever, if giving away books is good, giving away lots of books has to be better.
That’s where you, loyal supporter, come in.
You can Facebook the Amazon free Kindle app for PC, Mac, tablets and smart phones followed by the two download sites for the UK and the US.
You can post the entire list of world sites as found on my blog The whole world loves freedom. That is a lot of work and I would not recommend it unless you plan to cyberstalk me and I would worry about that. Instead you might like to tweet both the UK ande US free downloads above.
I have been at work all day and unable to pester all my social media contacts which could explain why Iraqi Icicle has unjustly slid down the charts. Also Tuesday and Wednesdays are the weakest day of a five-day giveaway. I still think I can make the 1000+ giveaways with a little help from my friends.
Today’s song comes with a bit of a preamble. Last week, I interviewed Gerry Marsden from 60s Britgroup Gerry and the Pacemakers. During the i/v I said truthfully Ferry Cross the Mersey was my favourite song of the band.
The title should actually be written Ferry, Cross the Mersey. Ferry is an imperative verb, not a contraction of across. The song is more powerful when the listener knows this.
Here it is. After you have a watch, get on to those social media messages for Iraqi Icicle.



Police misuse move-on powers in Musgrave Park

Introduction I outline below my reasons below for why police have been acting unlawfully in that section of Musgrave Park known as the Deed of Grant in Trust. Police have invoked their move on powers under Police Powers and Responsibilities … Continue reading