Double Standard – plane down, leaders shot

Two contrasting events occurred yesterday – a plane fell from the skies over Syria and a leader of the main Bahraini opposition party was shot in the street. All the world’s media focused on the shooting down of an US F-4 phantom fighter plane with two Turkish airmen on board but not one mainstream media outlet spoke of the shooting of three peaceful protestors depicted in the YouTube video below.

The pilots were rescued from the sea. The leaders are wounded.

On the Paradigm Shift I interviewed a Bahraini refugee to Australian about these attacks to contrast how the US and Australian governments are dealing with these to events.

Ian Curr
23 June 2012

One thought on “Double Standard – plane down, leaders shot

  1. Civil war in Syria overflows into Lebanon says:

    After five years of relative calm in Lebanon the escalation of conflict by the US in the middle east has bad consequences for villagers in the Bekaa valley. The concern of villagers near the Syrian border grows. On 16 July 2012 bombs fell on al Qaa, a small village in the northern part of Lebanon.

    Al Qaa is situated over the border from Homs in Syria where civil war is raging and has been the focus of the world media for weeks.

    The Syrian army is trying to block opposition Free Syrian Army cadre hiding in the mountains of the upper Bekaa valley.

    Naharnet reports ‘Two girls were killed in one cross border incident. There was more shelling across the frontier on Monday 16 July and Tuesday 17 July.

    Tens of thousands of Syrian refugees have fled across the border and the Lebanese army has moved troops from the border zone with Israel to the Syrian frontier region, where there have been deadly incidents in recent weeks, U.N. officials said.’

    Those interested can read about this development in this article posted yesterday (17 July 2012) in Naharnet and take the time read the comments below it:

    Naharnet also reports:

    “Meanwhile Al-Jazeera television aired Tuesday a video it received from the abductors of 11 Lebanese Shiite pilgrims who were kidnapped in Syria in May, in which the kidnappers announced they will release two of the captives.

    But the abductors rejected to “forget what was voiced in the first statement: the demand of an apology from (Hizbullah Secretary-General Sayyed) Hassan Nasrallah who was justifying for (Syrian President Bashar) Assad his deeds while the honor of our women was being violated in Homs and who claimed that what’s happening in Syria is nothing but media fabrications.”

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