Chile Ship of Shame


We are writing to you to let you know of our intentions to carry out a peaceful demonstration at the arrival of a Chilean Navy Ship “La Esmeralda” to Brisbane between the 28th June and 1st July 2012, wherever the ship will dock. We will be there on Saturday 30th of June from 10:00 am.

This ship was utilised by the Pinochet military junta as a torture centre, where supporters of Salvador Allende democratic government were tortured and killed.

Amnesty International has advocated and made public, findings of the violations of human rights that occurred on board this ship.

One of the victims was Father Michael Woodward, a priest who held dual British/Chilean citizenship and was tortured to death on board “La Esmeralda”. Justice for these crimes has still not been achieved.

We, as Chileans who suffered the horror of torture, imprisonment and exile have the moral responsibility to denounce the crimes against humanity that happened aboard this ship and to highlight the lack of justice in Chile for the victims.

Para que nunca mas en Chile, (Never again in Chile) or anywhere else. We demand that the Chilean government facilitate and implement justice once and for all and close one of the darkest chapters in the history of Chile.

We are asking for your support as a defender of human rights to take action and do whatever is in your capacity to denounce the infamous naval ship visiting our city of Brisbane.

Could you please, pass this information to your contacts to make them aware of why we will be demonstrating loudly.

 Saturday 30 June 2012

1pm at Hamilton Wharf 2, Hamilton, Brisbane

 Movimiento por la Justicia y la Paz

Movement for Justice and Peace, Brisbane.

 Jose Vilugron,                        0423065450

Elena Arredondo,     

Gonzalo Sanches                   0433975779

Marcela Cornejo,

Rodolfo Allemand                  0415734852

Amnesty International 2003 report..pdf

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