The Last Kinection – ‘Are We There Yet’ featuring Simone Stacey

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Sitting in her room / She looks at the sunlight /

She tries to write a tune / All about her life /

People tried to put her down / Don’t want her to get up off the ground /

But she’ll get there soon / Soon she’ll get there /

When are we gonna get there? / Are we there yet? / Are we there yet? / When are we gonna get there? / Are we there yet / are we there yet /

They probably don’t wanna know how long / It’s gonna take to bring them home/

Or close the gap, or react / To the fact that I put this in a song /

Statistics say, that I won’t make / The predicted day of life expectancy /

Compared to the average Aussie that grew up next door to me /

Where do we start at? Where is the heart at? /

Pump this in the park to give the dogs something to bark at /

Evil will prevail when good people are just not doing nothing /

So when I spit on this beat, I believe I’m doing something /

Using my heart through the hardest parts as my navigation /

Using my art, if I start losing all my concentration / A lot of us are debating about the destination /

The rest of us are just waiting and waiting and waiting /

When are we gonna get there? / Are we there yet? / Are we there yet? / When are we gonna get there? / Are we there yet / are we there yet /

Now how we gonna get there, we don’t even have boats /

And how we gonna get there when we’re not winning votes /

We will never get there while the pollys speak their spokes /

Garden party circus clowns wooing kids with their jokes /

Another death in custody to a suicide fatality / This is how it’s supposed to be, in a capitalist society / People on the top and people on the bottom /

And people in the middle who don’t wanna know what happened /

While the poor breaks down to broke, that’s how the rich get richer /

I seen a fulla swap a slab for a million dollar picture / Seems like every society needs poverty, minorities /

The government majority are welfare work employees /

Was a sun burnt country now a fat drunk county / Never been initiated, shit faced at a party /

Never lived on the mission, never made it to court /

And I never went to prison cause I never got caught /

People are we there yet / Time to change / Time to understand / No more shame / No more government grants /


Mission: a Christian institution where Aboriginal people were put to live

Initiation: a ritual to mark passage from childhood to adulthood

Death in custody: death while with the police, in prison

Bring them home: stolen generations, policy to reunite families

Close the gap: up to 20 years less life expectancy, twice the rate of infant mortality, higher rates of preventable diseases: heart disease, kidney disease, diabetes

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