Canberra Centre Seacret Protest Dec 2010

Dear One and All

Apologies for sending you a link to this video which was inadvertently marked private.

Now it’s public for all the world to see.

Gareth Smith
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“The sleep of reason produces monsters” Goya
“Those who can make you believe absurdities can make you commit atrocities” Voltaire
“When I give food to the poor, they call me a saint. When I ask why the poor have no food, they call me a communist.” Dom Helder Camara, Brazilian Archbishop

2 thoughts on “Canberra Centre Seacret Protest Dec 2010

  1. Good to see senator Doug Cameron stand up and make a speech in support of the right to self-determination of the Palestinian people and calling on us to defy those who would maintain the status quo in Palestine:

    “The Palestinian people are well within their rights to advocate their cause far and wide, whether that is at the United Nations, in the offices of members and senators of this parliament or in public halls and meeting rooms around the world.
    The injustices inflicted on Palestinians in the occupied territories are constant, persistent and degrading beyond the tolerance of any decent person”.

    Gareth Smith is one individual prepared to advocate the cause of the Palestinian people far and wide and demonstrate the courage to confront ex-Israeli soldiers peddling Seacrets stolen from the Palestinian people in the shopping malls of Australia’s political centre, and experiencing unlawful assault from those who prefer silence to human rights.


  2. Cameron’s speech is a lie and is full of lies.

    ALP governments have supported Israel and their dictator allies (e.g. Mubarak) for the past 30 years.

    In his speech Cameron quotes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton:

    ‘The lack of peace and the occupation that began in 1967…’

    This is a lie and Cameron’s speechwriter(s) know it — the Zionist occupation of historic Palestine began long ago, boosted by the British government in 1917 under the Balfour declaration, by Zionist and terrorist organisations (Stern gang, the Irgun, the Hagannah) and continued in 1947 by the United Nations with the declaration of the state of Israel in historic Palestine. But then we would not expect Cameron to quote a truthful person. Before he entered parliament Cameron managed to help jail the Victorian State Secretary (Craig Johnston) of his own union, the AMWU. Cameron was the Federal Secretary and he did not like how the Victorian Branch of his union used to stand up for its members. So he called on the Victorian ALP government to prosecute Craig Johnston for standing up for workers at Skilled Engineering.

    We do not need Wikileaks to tell us that Hillary Rodham Clinton, when she was Senator for New York, gave donations to New Yorkers who became settlers in the West Bank. She said the money was for them to buy gas masks to “keep Israel strong” (her words) — My source is the more reliable and more critical Edward Said in “From Oslo to Iraq and the Road Map: Essays“.

    Note also that Cameron is still talking about terrorism – in this context code for Hamas – which is still a proscribed organisation despite their electoral success in Gaza. Why would Cameron speech about terrorism when he knows that there have been no suicide bombs on the West Bank of Palestine in the past 5 years. The only terrorism is recent times have been by friends of Israel and the United States where police and hired thugs killed 300 people on the streets of Egypt with machine guns, firebombs, clubs, knives Molotov cocktails. Contrast the peacefulness of the protestors on Arab streets.

    Fortunately it will be no Cameron, Clinton or Obama who will free the Palestinian people — the revolutions in Egypt and Tunisia has done more in one month than these and their cronies have done in the last 30 years.

    Ian Curr
    14 Feb 2011

    Edward Said in “From Oslo to Iraq and the Road Map: Essays”

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