Justice for Palestine – open email to Les Einhorn

Dear Les,

You wrote requesting that I remove the comments on Workers BushTelegraph by Gareth Smith.

In you email of 14 November 2010 you claimed that the ‘published information (shown below) is inaccurate, offensive and may lay (me) as the publisher open to the racial vilification laws’.

In your email you quoted the following comments by Gareth Smith without giving any reasons for your claims.

1. Gaza is the world’s biggest outdoor prison. It was battered by economic sanctions after the internationally supervised election returned Hamas and was then subjected to the Israeli blitzkrieg “Operation Cast Lead” which bombed schools, clinics, mosques, police stations, homes, water and sewerage treatment plants and electricity generating plants. 1,400 people were killed and countless more left injured and deeply traumatised (including about 40,000 children).

2. The Israeli siege of Gaza has resulted in a chronic lack of medicines, clean water, building materials, school books etc-they need our help desperately! Gaza/Byron working together!

WorkersBushTelegraph tries to publish the facts. Such claims at 1) and 2) are widely documented and supported.

Therefore I refuse your request to remove them from Workers BushTelegraph

It is important to challenge mainstream attitudes that are erroneous, unfair and unjust.

Current federal government policy does not support the legitimate aspirations of the Palestinian people.

This is wrong and must be changed.

Therefore I support efforts such as the film screening of Return to Gazathat attempts to bring the plight of the Palestinian people to public attention.

November 2010

12 thoughts on “Justice for Palestine – open email to Les Einhorn

  1. loewdabulla says:

    This comment by “loewdabulla” has been removed because it suggests that people who support the Palestinian struggle are opposed to Jewish people.

    This is worng.

    The comment contains racial slurs and abuse.

    Personally I disagree with the ideology of zionism, I think that it is bad for both Arab and Jewish people.

    That does not mean I will censor Jewish people who are zionists.

    For more on the publishing policy see Welcome

    Ian Curr.

  2. Sam Rajins says:

    So the comments by Mr Einhorn were made by email? And you published them on this site?

    Wow… readers beware – this website, so intent on bringing to light human rights issues (albeit often the seeder side), is itself not respecting privacy laws and human rights.

    Since when is it ok to publish PRIVATE email??? Shame on you!

  3. Sam,

    Your allegation is false.

    See the other thread.

    It reads:

    This comment (by Les Einhorn) was originally addressed to Workers BushTelegraph ( and read by me on 14 Nov 2010).

    The author (Les) subsequently stated it was addressed to me personally and should not be published.

    Accordingly, I have removed the comment at Les Einhorn’s request.

    Ian Curr
    Workers BushTelegraph
    25 Nov 2010

  4. loewdabulla says:

    I’ve found that most people who support the Palestinian Arabs are Hamas supporters.

    If you support Hamas you support the murder of Jews and therefore are opposed to Jews.

    As for Zionism, it is great for Jews since it is the basis of Judaism.
    It is fantastic for Arabs – I don’t see any Arabs living in the Zionist homeland fleeing to other Arab countries. No, they are living happily in all parts of Israel, squatting illegally on Jewish land, building houses and destroying valuable ancient Jewish artefacts from the First and Second Temple.
    The Waqf in charge of the Domoe of the Rock doesn’t seem to dislike living in Israel either, what with their control of tghe entire temple Mount, disallowing any Jews to worship at this site, which is the site of the Temple built over by Muslims.

    As I recvall I told you you had no right to define what Zionism is for Jews. I stand by that. Youo have no right to appropriate someone else’s culture, especially with your wildly hallucinatory version of Zionist history.

    And how dare you print someone’s details from a private email and pretend you have ethics???

    Now, just to be sure, exactly what did I write that was racist? Hmmmmm?

  5. loewdabulla says:

    Ian, you censored me and I am both Jewish and a Zionist. You have just contradicted yourself in the most fatuous way possible.

  6. Hello Lowedabulla,

    You call me a ‘racist’ and a ‘jew hater’. I am neither.

    I have said many times on this site that I support a secular multicultural Palestine.

    When I was born, the UN mandate that created the state of Israel had only just been declared.

    The state of Israel did not exist for the generation prior to the ‘baby boomers’.

    The emergence of Israel as a state was an act of political opportunism.

    The UN mandate was declared (in part) because of guilt over the holocaust in Europe.

    It is not I who seeks to define Judaism.

    Political Zionism has attempted to set up a Jewish state.

    Many Jewish people disagree with how Zionists have distorted Jewish identity.

    Once again, don’t take my word for it, read more widely and you will see what I say is true.

    Ian Curr
    November 2010

  7. Of course it is absurd to suggest that people who support the Palestinian struggle are Jewhaters. Many are Jews. It’s the people who see the Palestinians as all good, and the Israelis as all bad, the people who deny Palestinians any agency, and cast the Jews as all-powerful who are a worry. Some of these black and white thinkers are also Jews. Racism is an old word, for Jews are not a race. Demonisation is more appropriate. You have consistently demonised the national liberation movement of the Jewish people. All you have to do is call “Jews” “Zionists” and voila! You can have your racist/demonist cake and eat it while basking in the warm glow of your imagined anti-racism. The saddest thing is that you are not helping the Palestinians, simply polarising people and adding fuel to the flames. Check out what 297,526 mainstream Palestinians are saying on http://onevoicemovement.org/

  8. Gareth Smith says:

    South African study finds that Israel is practicing colonialism and apartheid in the Occupied Palestinian Territory
    REF.: 22.2009E
    4 June 2009

    For the past 15 months, Al-Haq has been involved in an extensive legal study that has culminated in the publication of a report entitled Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid?: A re-assessment of Israel’s practices in the occupied Palestinian territories under international law. Read More at http://bds-byronbay.blogspot.com/

    Excellent resources at: http://www.alhaq.org/

  9. Gareth Smith says:

    AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL PRESENTS Human Rights in the Middle East
    David Forde recently travelled through the Middle East, witnessing first hand the impact of conflict on human rights. We invite you to attend a presentation, by David Forde, Branch President of Amnesty International QLD/NNSW on this topic and current Amnesty International campaigns.

    When: 6pm Wednesday 1 December 2010 Where: Southern Cross University Meeting Room
    Byron Bay Community Centre 69 Jonson Street, BYRON BAY

    More info: http://www.amnesty.org.au/qld/events For more information/RSVP E: Tracey.Foley@amnesty.org.au P: 07 3136 6404

    See also http://bds-byronbay.blogspot.com/

  10. loewdabulla says:


    I did not call you a racist. I called you a Jewhater.
    You want a secular multicultural Palestine? Interesting.
    The Palestinian Authority wants a Judenrein Palestine. An Islmaic Judenrein Palestine. Hamas wants to erase Jews and Israel.

    They don’t want what you say you want. And your desire in this area is completely irrelevant. Not your country, not your business.

    Now, I judge your writing and conduct on the basis of what I see and read here. You may not think you’re a Jew hater. I assert confidently that your writing here, your lies about Israel, your lies about Israel and your lies about Israel constitute Jew Hatred. Oh, and your lies about Israel?
    Jew hatred, defamation and slander.
    You publish people who write lies about Israel, Zionism and Jews.
    You publish people who support Hamas, who repeatedly call for and act toward ridding the world of Jews, as do all their fellow Muslim Brotherhood groups, of which they are one.

    NOT ONCE have I seen ANY discussion of the lack of human rights in Gaza, a Sharia state, or about any Islamic country in the world. Many of which are busy massacring Christians as we speak. They got rid of their Jews a long time ago, except Yemen, which did so only recently, give or take about 20.

    If you don’t want to be called a Jew hater, don’t act like one. You seek to destroy the Land of Israel, which is the basis of a solid Jewish identity.
    Read the Old Testament – Jerusalem mentioned a LOT.

    In the Koran? Mentioned NOT AT ALL.

    Your accounts of political Zionism etc are pure fantasy – I really don’t know where you get this stuff, but you do not have the right to define my or anyone else’s culture and rewrite their history just because you fancy it.

  11. Loewdabulla: if anyone is in cahoots with Hamas it is the government of Israel. Thanks to the Israeli siege of Gaza goods carried through the tunnels are taxed by Hamas, Israel is aiding and abetting the enrichment of Hamas! Of course, Hamas (much more preferred than Fatah!) provide a very useful “excuse” of the criminal behaviour of the IDF who, for example, used a 9 year old boy as a human shield during Operation Cast Lead-most definitely a war crime-only to be let off without penalty. Hamas is used to shut up any criticism of Israel because Israel is engaged in “the war against terror” so-called. This is why Kevin Rudd can lead a 17 MP delegation to Israel, which has more UN resolutions passed against it for violations of international law it than any other state and has compromised Australia’s security by forging its passports.

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