Patriotism – as defined in America (and Australia too!)

May I please share with you a letter sent to an Indian magazine, Outlook, by an American back in 2003. What is said in the letter could hold true for any Australian who is against the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan or who sympathises with Palestinians or stands up against the maniacal Islamophobia currently gripping the Australian media.

In solidarity
David Albuquerque

Outlook, April 28, 2003

I was one of the few Americans who was against the war.

But I was outnumbered.

By one man. George Bush.

Several hundred thousand people around the world said ‘No’ to war.

One man, George Bush, said ‘Yes’.

And we couldn’t stop him.

I’m sorry for the impression this must have given of Americans.

I sent an e-mail to one of my senators about being against the war.

There was no reply. Not even an auto-reply.

You see, being against the war’s like criticising your mum’s cooking; even if you’re right, you’re frowned upon because you’re “unpatriotic”.

John Briggs, Missouri, US

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