18 September 1982 2010
Munirs Story by Franklin Lamb

Editors Note: No dont skip this story thinking you have read all you care to read about Sabra-Shatila.

Not in your lifetime could you read enough to understand the full import of this savage inhumanity.

Every single person killed had meaning, had family, had memories and had life until it was snuffed out by those whose lives never resonated in harmonious vibration with lifes longing for itself.

Somehow, somewhere, they lost or traded their souls for hatred, lust, blood, thrills who knows what strips us back to naked barbarity. But of this I am sure none would live free of torment today the nightmares, the shaking, the sweats, the searing flashes of memory that will never bring a single moment of peace for the crimes committed in three days of vicious frenzy and twenty-eight years since of running from justice.

There is no hiding from truth or justice.

One day the snarling dogs these tormentors unleashed will turn on them and nothing then will save the warmongers or those that cheered them on.

And those who thought to turn the page just now, read and be ashamed that today the world is still mute on the humiliations, horrors and massacres that have been and are being perpetrated against the Palestinian people with wanton impunity.

The untreated psychic wounds are still open. Accountability, justice and basic civil rights for the survivors are still denied. Scores of horror testimonies have been shared over the past nearly three decades by survivors of the September 1982 Sabra- Shatila massacre. More come to light only through circumstantial evidence because would-be affiants perished during the slaughter. Other eyewitness are just beginning to emerge from deep trauma or self imposed silence.

Some testimonies will be shared this month by massacre survivors at Shatila camp. They will sit with the growing numbers of international visitors who annually come to commemorate one of the most horrific crimes of the 20th century.

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Sonja Karkar
Australians for Palestine


  1. loewdabulle says:

    This book “From Israel to Damascus” has been written by Robert Maroun Hatem, Known as “Cobra”. Cobra currently resides in France as a political refugee. In pursuit of honor, justice and free morale, Robert Maroun Hatem, broke the code of silence about the unacceptable, the world of tragedy, corruption, crime and darkness under which Lebanon exists today.

    Cobra Writes his story about the part played with Elie Hobeika, known as “H.K.” and his rise to power in the Lebanese government. Cobra’s story depicts how Hobeika planned to destroy Lebanon, so he could rise to power and how he became a minister in the current Pro-Syrian Lebanese structure, and what part Cobra played in assisting Hobeika in his rise to power.

    Cobra describes in detail the tragedy of the Sabra and Shatilla massacres, the Syrian responsibility for the deaths, and the innocence of General Ariel Sharon and the Christians of the South Lebanese Army.


    On the morning of Wednesday, September 15, 1982, the Lebanese forces met at the Gemayel house in Bickfaya. The house was crammed with mourners, and the attendees decided to run Amin, Bashir’’s brother, for the president. While all of Lebanon’s religious, political, military and civilian leaders and Minister Sharon and the Head of the Mossad passed through the room where condolences were extended, an invasion of West Beirut was being planned. It went off 12 hours later. In the afternoon of Wednesday September 15, 1982, Bashir’s military and Intelligence lieutenants met with the Israeli chief of Staff Lieutenant General Rafael Eitan, and Major General Amir Drori, in charge of the Lebanese operation.
    I was later told by Hobeika that there were about 2,000 PLO terrorists still hiding in the Sabra and Chatilla camps. Hobeika advised me that he was in charge of the organization of an operation to clear them out. He also disclosed that the Israeli forces had taken up positions in West Beirut and expected us to supervise the evacuation of the Palestinians from the camp. We were to sort out the armed terrorists and hand them over to the Israeli troops at the Cite Sportive, Al Madina Al Ryadieh, cleaned up and fixed to serve as a rally point. Meanwhile, the whole country stood breathless and at a standstill, half of it drowned in deep despair, and the other half paralyzed with fear. So ominous was the tragedy. Hobeika had 24 hours to prepare his elite key force composed of 200 men. The men were allotted in several units respectively under the command of Joseph Asmar, Michel Zouein, G. Melco, and Maroun Mashaalani. General Sharon besieged the camps and the Cite Sportive.
    By noon on Thursday, September 16, 1982, the Shababs started advancing through the Beirut Airport Road. By 4:30 p.m., the Lebanese Forces had crossed the Israeli lines surrounding the camps. Sharon had given strict orders to Hobeika to guard against any desperate move, should his men run amuck. They were to behave like a real dignified, regular army not like “chocolate soldiers” and coordinate with the Israeli command. Their mission was to exert pressure an the Palestinians to drive them all out of the camp, and pick out the PLO agents left behind after the evacuation of the Palestinians in August, 1982.
    They were rallied at the Cite Sportive and held prisoners. After inspection the civilians would be sent back to their homes. However, Hobeika gave his own instructions to his men: Total extermination … camps wiped out. It was Maroun Mashaalani’s men, undaunted by their regular and immoderate use of heroine and cocaine who perpetrated the most ghastly slaughters in the camp bordering Ghaza Hospital at the entrance of Sabra. That is where foreign nurses and doctors were shot down in cold blood. The minute General Ariel Sharon had been informed that something odd and unwanted was going on, he summoned his commanding officers and Hobeika. At 7:30 p.m. on September 16, 1982, Hobeika and I arrived at General Ariel Sharon’s Headquarters. We climbed up to the terrace of the tall building next to the Kuweity Embassy. From there we could plunge right into the camp and have an overhead view. Besides the Israeli officers, Assaad Shaftari, Michel Zouein, Elie Hobeika (aka::H.K.) and myself were poised and ready.
    The Israeli officers were angry and filled with rage, blaming Hobeika for actually ordering the massacre of Palestinian civilians. Hobeika coldly retorted that it was because of the darkness he could not tell who they were. General Sharon, being too fat to climb up the flight of stairs, waited on the second floor to see Hobeika and have it out with him personally. The minute he saw him he roared out: “You were not supposed to do this. I didn’t ask you to commit massacres. If I wanted, I would have done so with my tanks. You’ll pay dearly for this blunder!” Hobeika replied that he would handle it with his men. Hobeika and I went back on the terrace. Hobeika got a walkie talkie message from a guy called Paul saying, There are women and children, what should we do? Hobeika answered, It’s your lookout and don’’t call me back again, you shit. Hobeika, Zouein, Shaftari and I ran back down to the second story where an Israeli officer drew a map of the site with a piece of chalk on the floor, pointing to where the massacres were taking place. That is when we had confirmation that it was Maroun Machaalani’s unit which was involved at the entrance of Sabra Camp. Hobeika went back to report to General Sharon his account of events. General Sharon ordered his men to fire flares from that moment on until 4:00 a.m. to avoid a further blunder. It was too late. The harm was done. All the victims were civilians killed with grenades, hatchets, assault rifles, knives. Some of the corpses were even boobie trapped.
    At around 6:00 a.m., the Lebanese Forces, arrived to inspect the butchery. Fadi Frem, Fuad Abou Nader, Steve Nakkour, Elie Hobeika and I inspected the premises. Hobeika instructed Nakkour, who was in charge of Logistics, to send tractors to clean up the camps and leave no traces of the massacres, wiping out incriminating evidence. The Israeli officers prevented the Lebanese Forces from getting into the camps with their chiefs. At 9:00 a.m., artillery fighting broke out between Maroun Mashaalani’s men and gunmen from Moslem shia Mekdad family members. The Mekdad families came to inquire about their relatives who were among the camp inhabitants. A Lebanese army officer ordered Mashaalani to get off to stop the skirmish. He complied.
    By now, news accounts of the massacres had leaked out. The reports became amplified, confused, and mixed-up. Some witnesses claimed that it was actually Major Saad Haddad’’s men who had perpetrated the slaughter because of the South Lebanon accent. Not one single man from Saad Haddad’’s Free Lebanon Army took part in the operation. The Christian militia was unchained and blinded by rage after the assassination of their Chief, President and martyr. Once again, the mastermind, Hobeika had toyed with the lives of young patriots, committing them to carry out reprehensible actions which could serve only Syria’s interests! It was the Syrians not the PLO who had never accepted Bashir’s (Bashir Gemayl elected Lebanon’s President Aug. 23, 1982 & Murdered Sept. 14, 1982) election. It was later discovered and proven that Bashir’s actual assassin, Habib Tanios Shartuni, was a secret member of the pro-Syrian, anti-Kataeb Party, Syrian Social Nationalist Party (SNSP). The SNSP was represented by Assaad Hardane via Nabil Al Allam Chief of Intelligence and Security of the SNSP. Syrian Army Intelligence conducted by Ali Douba assisted Shartuni in providing and stashing the bomb.
    How could Hobeika claim that he had received orders to massacre the Palestinians from the Israelis? I did not know where his two ultra secret meetings with Abdul Halim Khaddam fit in during the first half of 1982. I was Hobeika’s field man always present on the premises with my chief wherever he went. I can state under oath, that General Sharon would never have lit up the area the way he did had he planned any butchery. He would not have cleaned up the Cite Sportive to house all the Palestinians pending their return to their homes after verification. He would not have placed his tanks and armored cars all around the camps to capture the remaining armed Palestinian agents. One thing was certain, the Syrians had their men within the ranks of Lebanese Forces leaders. Reflecting back on the events of my life, all the facts lead me to believe that Hobeika was the man, who in 1982, provoked the Sabra and Chatilla massacres. I can only give my own testimony as an eyewitness.”

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