Resisting War / Creating Peace

Resisting War / Creating Peace – Organise against the Land War Conference

Between 27 and 31 October, 2008 the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre will be playing host to Land Warfare Conference 2008This conference describes itself as: “a major event for users, providers, academics, designers and manufacturers to meet, present, share and exchange new and visionary ideas on Land Systems.” In other words all the different elements that make the state’s arsenal function will be gathering to further advance the technologies and techniques of killing people to ensure the health of capitalism.

It also provides us with an opportunity to actively manifest our dissent against the bloody wars raging around the globe and possibly dent the ability of the military machine to sharpen its sword.

Thus an open organizing meeting to mobilize against the conference is being held at 1pm Sunday 21st September at Friends of the Earth 294 Montague Road West End


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