Homeless in LA

We are looking at the fifth largest economy in the world (United States: $20.89 trillion, China: $14.72 trillion, Japan: $5.06 trillion, Germany: $3.85 trillion, California: $3 trillion).

First, We post what a cyclist shows us: poverty in famous Los Angeles, the home of Hollywood and the American dream. We do not see homelessnes to this extent in Brisbane, Australia, partly because the City Council and state government will not allow it to become so visible. But it is there. Local councillor, Jonathan Sri, is one of the few public officials who highlight the problem here in Brisbane. Homelessness is visible in LA but because of liberal laws that do not permit the people to be moved on or locked up. Or, at least, limit the repression of the poor.

Second we show homelessness in Portland, Oregon, where the authorities actively make sweeps to get the homeless off the streets.

Ian Curr, 30 March 2022. [Thanks to G.for raising this with WBT and to The Laughing Lion and Nick Johnson for their videos.]


We take a look around the downtown LA Skid Row to see what the streets look like right now. This is a video documentary to promote awareness and educate the public about the Los Angeles homeless problem and to show what the streets in L.A. look like today. Homelessness is one of the biggest issues facing Los Angeles County. Los Angeles homeless camps and L.A. tent city, Los angeles homeless crisis. Los Angeles homeless streets. Los Angeles, California is the second largest city in America by population with 4M+ people.

Filmed on February 11, 2022. Share = Aware.
For help: LAHSA, Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority at: LAHSA.org/get-help *All ad proceeds from this video are donated to Union Rescue Mission in L.A.: URM.org/n/donate-8/ (Union Rescue Mission is a non-profit 501 (c)(3)) and Los Angeles Mission: Losangelesmission.org (non-profit 501(c)(3))

This video documentary was filmed by The Laughing Lion #LaughingLion
No music, all sounds are ambient. This video is for informational and educational purposes only.

Portland, Oregon
This is unbelievable! How can we have this happen in a major US city? I know you’ve heard about the homeless problem in Portland, Oregon. It’s a situation that’s just getting worse. We’re going to begin our look at how bad it is here in downtown, and then hop around to different areas of this city.Pertland

Poster from Right to the City Campaign in Brisbane (Meanjin)

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