The Story of Rebel

In the Sixties, when we were kids we had a dog who got into a fight with a blue tongue lizard. After that she always had scars on her nose. Our beloved dog would come with us when we rode our bikes along the bitumen against the express orders of our parents. We lived on a dirt road in what was then, bush. She even got hit by a car following us loyally on our bikes near the turn off to Mt Crosby. Sadly one day our Golden Labrador went missing … days, weeks … months went by.

Her pedigree papers said her name was ‘Crutchfield Jenny Lind’

They say that dogs have short memories.

But a long time later our dog came home. She still sported the scars on her nose from the fight with the Blue Tongue. However in the months that followed, every now and then, she would have a fit of some kind … eventually Mum and Dad had to have her put down.

I suppose the moral of the story is that we should never forget where we come from … even if we are on the losing side.

Ian Curr
23 December 2021

Song: Grace Petrie – A Revolutionary in the Wrong Time

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