Vaccines and Allergies

Some people may be allergic to Covid Vaccines. We post this research paper as a guide to those people who may (or whose friends or family members) may suffer from allergies.

Have you (or the person in question) had any of the following symptoms after having PEG or aluminium oxide?

1. Itchy skin rash / urticaria (wheals) or swelling (angioedema) e.g. lips. Face

Facial erythema may be present

2. Airway/Breathing symptoms (see above)

3. Tachycardia, with weak/absent central pulse; hypotension – sustained

4. Sense of “impending doom”; loss of consciousness – with no improvement once supine or head down position

If that is the case you are entitled to ask for an exemption from vaccines that contain PEG or Alum Oxide. A number of vaccines contain neither. If your doctor cannot source those vaccines  then your employer has no right to stand you down.

BTW I would keep an open mind as to what people are allergic to … it may be some other molecule. As people who have allergies may know, PEG is not uncommon in food additives, medicines etc

Pls note: Adverse reaction following administration of vaccine is more likely to be the vaccine stimulating a protective immune response, and not because of allergy.

Workers should see their doctor about the best course of action to take. For the reasons given above we do not think vaccination should be a term of your employment contract without careful consultation with workers concerned.

Here is the research paper.

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