Public Advocate investigates Public Trustee

Should workers follow the biblical edict Matthew 22:21Render unto Caesar the things that are Caesar’s’ ?

A recent report published by the Public Advocate looked at case studies “that show the lived experience of some Public Trustee administration clients and demonstrate the ‘real world’ impact of the Public Trustee’s policies and practices on their clients’ financial and personal circumstances.

WBT advises workers against having the Public Trustee as the executor of your will. Instead it is important to have a friend or family member that you trust as your executor. Ultimately it is best to give away your assets before you die. That is the best way to have your wishes fulfilled.

The case studies and the commentary on them are recommended to readers who have gone to the PT for a free will or who has the PT as the executor of their estate.

It is a same that the Public Advocate didn’t include in her case studies the story about the man who lost his hat.

The case studies
Case study 1 – $30,000 inheritance gone in 2 years and house not maintained.
Case study 2 – Fees charged to manage assets that were managed by a third party.
Case study 3 – Charged two fees for unnecessary financial advice.
Case study 4 – High earning shares sold and cash invested in Public Trustee investment.
Case study 5 (part 1) – Public Trustee opposes client’s appeal because he ‘lacks capacity’.
Case study 5 (part 2) – Public Trustee resisted appointment of alternative administrator who wanted to make a claim against it for lost funds.
Case study 6 – Technical legal arguments raised against client’s application to reopen hearing about capacity.
Case study 7 – Proposal to spend almost double client’s funds exploring a compensation claim against a close family member with no money.

We post a letter from the PUBLIC ADVOCATE about the investigation into Public trustee fees and charges:

Consultation on Public Trustee’s fees and charges

Dear colleagues and friends,

As many of you are aware, I recently prepared a report that was tabled in the Queensland Parliament, Preserving the financial futures of vulnerable Queenslanders; A review of the Public Trustee’s fees, charges and practices. A copy of this report and executive summary is available to download here.

I undertook this review in response to concerns expressed by people with impaired decision-making capacity under administration with the Public Trustee and their supporters about the negative impact of the Public Trustee’s fees and charges on their financial outcomes.

The Public Trustee recently announced a review of its fees and charges. It is seeking feedback from Queensland residents regarding their experiences with the Public Trustee’s fees and charges regime.

I encourage everyone who wishes to have their say about the Public Trustee’s fees and charges, and particularly those that affect financial administration clients, to complete the Public Trustee’s survey or prepare a written submission.

The survey will take approximately 10 minutes to complete and can be accessed here.
If you would like to make a written submission it can be lodged by email or post:


Post: Executive Director – Fees and Charges

Public Trustee of Queensland
GPO Box 1449
Brisbane QLD 4001

The closing date for submissions and to respond to the survey is Friday 13 August 2021.
Warm regards,
Mary Burgess
Public Advocate

Here is the Public Advocate’s report:

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