Trev’s weather report from 6 July 2021

Weather versus Climate Change

Earth’s climate system is interconnected over very large distances. An example is the Rossby Circulation of winds at high altitude around the northern and southern hemispheres latitudes that I have mentioned before. The intense rainfall events in Japan recently had an effect of this circulation and helped create the “off the planet” heat waves and fires in north western American and Canada. Australia is also effected from time to time by changes to the Rossby Circulation, but more so at higher latitudes.

Again a similar pattern is expected with showers commencing on Thursday, increasing to a 90 percent probability of rain at times by Friday. Winds will tend easterly ahead of a trough and then swing to the west and finally south again by Sunday and Monday. Temperatures will range from 11 to 21C.  Wednesday, Saturday, Sunday and Monday are looking like the best days to be out and about. The charts below show the predictions for last week and this week for comparison.

See ya next week.

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