Many lives lost in Myanmar Coup

“In Moulmein, in lower Burma, I was hated by large numbers of people – the only time in my life that I have been important enough for this to happen to me.”
― George Orwell, Shooting an Elephant

(I have) received the following email from a contact inside the Civil Disobedience Movement in Myanmar (CDM). So as not to endanger the security of its sender, I can only say that he is a young man who had finished his MA-thesis in January this year. In the meantime, universities in Myanmar are firmly under military control, and my correspondent has, together with fellow students, eluded the graduation ceremony announced by the militarily controlled university administration by seeking refuge with the CDM and thus taken a clear stand against accepting his degree by the  representatives of the putsch regime.  

He is now helping to organise an educational institution called Spring University Myanmar (SUM) inside the CDM and has asked me to forward his request for academic assistance and material support. I attach a PDF containing further information on the project.  

Heinz Schütte 

Hier die wesentlichen Passagen aus der eingangs erwähnten Mail/Here are the relevant passages from the email mentioned above: 

On another note, I have been contacted by my friends at SUM (Spring University Myanmar) which is an online education platform which provides learning opportunities for students who have joined the CDM and wish to continue learning outside of military controlled institutions. The goal is to provide students with learning opportunities in courses and subjects which empower them to better contribute to the Revolution in more ways than one.

There are currently 8 schools under SUM: 1. Language School (where both foreign and local ethnic languages are taught), 2. School of Federalism and Peace Studies, 3. Law School, 4. STEM School, 5. School of Economics, 6. School of Arts and Social Sciences, 7. Center for College Preparation and Lifelong Learning, and 8. The Movement Institute. The model as of now, serves to provide education for students, create part-time jobs for volunteers, and also allow CDM teachers and professors with teaching opportunities. A portion of the earnings are donated to CDM teachers in need. Currently, SUM is planning to establish certificate courses (4-8 week long).  

I would like to inquire if you or anyone else you might know may be interested in helping SUM push through these initial stages be it through signing up as a course instructor or bringing much needed advice and experience to the table. Should anyone be interested I would gladly provide more detailed information! Although I do beg to be kept anonymous! 

Thank you so much again for the correspondence. These little things are what helps me stay calm and grounded during these times. 

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