Royal Park ride for Palestine

In the wake of Israel’s recent terrible bombing and destruction of Palestine, we ride to a remnant bushland reserve in the heart of Melbourne and then visit ‘the art galley’ (pictured) only a few kms from the CBD.

On my comparatively short ride to Bulleke-bek Park in Brunswick, I managed to traverse slippery bluestone cobbles in the back streets, and then we went on ride over deco-gravel and dusty paths up and down the expansive Royal Park, along tram tracks and across native grasses. We saw and heard unusual (native) crickets and a wide range of Eucalypts.

There was an abundance of communications towers, native to the area before colonisation 😉 , telephone poles with ‘wooden whistle-blowers‘ attached and labelled, stickers containing cautions about trusting Sky News and heaps of apartment buildings with hipsters getting their coffee fix on street corners below during this the umpteenth Melbourne Covid lock-down. [Please Note the entire ride took place within the stipulated 5 kms radius of our homes.]

Free Free, Palestine!

Ian Curr
The Big Ride for Palestine
30 May 2021