Disrupting the weapons industry expo in South Brisbane

A large crowd turned out for a Public Meeting and Art Show on May 1 at Jagera Hall in Musgrave Park.

The weapons corporations are coming to Brisbane in late May. 260 entities dealing in tanks, military weapons systems, missiles, munitions. Selling to Indonesia is high on the agenda while West Papua is being militarised and human rights abuses increase.

$270 billion is being spent by government to build a weapons trade. They are promoting weaponised conflicts in the region.

Speakers at the public meeting included Amy McMahon (Greens Member for Kurilpa), Binil Kattiparambil (refugee), Zelda Grimshaw (organiser), and Boe Spearim who spoke on the frontier wars.

Auntie’s Karen and Sonya gave a welcome to country. Speakers provided many reasons for why the arms expo makes no sense, is wrong, is corrupt. Even a cursory examination of the Land Forces website corroborates what the speakers were saying.

People will disrupt the expo in late May early June. Organisers asked people to take a day off work on day 1, June 1st, 2021 to attend a big event outside the convention centre in South Brisbane.

I spoke to one of the organisers Zelda Grimshaw at the meeting.

Ian Curr
4PR – Voice of the People
1 may 2021

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