New Features on Workers BushTelegraph

  • 4PR – Voice of the People with over 1500 podcasts of the resistance
  • Improved layout for smart phones, tablets and ipads.
  • Use the SEARCH button on the top right on your screen to find posts, pages and images.
  • Use the TRANSLATE button at bottom right to read the site in different languages.
    NB: The only app available is Google Translate. I prefer DeepL Translator because it can translate idiomatic expressions and is more nuanced than Google.
  • More flexible page layout. To see all 3 columns, zoom out (Mac: ⌘ – ; PC’s: Cntrl – ), to see text in two or even one column, zoom in (Mac: ⌘ + ; PC’s: Cntrl + )
  • We have podcast some articles on Spotify and Soundcloud. Look for the icons.

If you have any questions please write to the editor at

Ian Curr
The Editor
6 April 2021