Meanjin Weather forecast for 5 – 20 April

Weather 5 -20 April, Meanjin (Brisbane)

Your weather man is reporting – Mon 12th is looking likely to be wet again.

Planning 7 days in advance is often difficult with weather particularly at this time of year when the atmosphere is hotter, wetter and more unstable.  

The weather pattern is often cyclical with the passage of High Pressure systems across the south of the Australian continent. Typically this takes about 4 to 5 days. This mostly brings us a few finer days and a few potentially cloudier or wet days each week.

Sometimes the Highs move faster and sometimes they move very slow (called a blocking High). See my recent post on Facebook and here :

The screen shot attached is the BOMs prediction at present for the next 7 days. I get this from

There’s lots of other sites such as

It shows fine weather by mid to late week, but winds turning to the SE by next Sunday (11th April), which is tends to bring our rain this time of year.

7 day forecast is always less accurate than 4 day forecast. 

Queens Mary Falls, gorges and other Falls should be overflowing by next week.

And that’s the weather …

Trevor Berrill

Sustainable Energy Systems Consultant & Educator