Foco Nuevo – ‘The Quiet of the Winter Moon’

The monthly concert hosted by Jumping Fences, streaming during the Covid-19 pandemic. Guests this month are Duo Jade (Cuba) Toache (Mexico) and Silvio Alejandro (Cuba). Jumping Fences (Sue Monk and Lachlan Hurse) are joined by Robin Etter Cleave, Ovidio Orellana and Oscar Orellana. First streamed on 7th August, 2020 on Facebook

Bravo Jumping Fences. I remember seeing you play a similar concert in August in 2009 at Ahimsa (Peace House) in West End, Brisbane. On that occasion 11 years ago, you played with another member (Leonor) of that great musical family, the Orellana’s.

I remember Nayita and Manoli Orellana spent the night offering their tempting Latin American food. Viva Nueva Cancion! Viva Cuba!

Jumping Fences Bravo. Recuerdo haberlo visto tocar en un concierto similar en agosto de 2009 en Ahimsa (Peace House) en West End, Brisbane. En esa ocasión, hace 11 años, tocaste con otra integrante (Leonor) de esa gran familia musical, los Orellana.