Kashmir Solidarity

More than 70 years after the last Maharajah of Jammu and Kashmir signed up his princely state to be part of India, the issue of Kashmir’s status has still not been resolved.

Modi’s Indian government has given citizenship to Indian nationals and is trying to change the demography of Kashmir, formerly an independent state.

In this interview Jamshied Kashkari explains how India has annexed Kashmir even though the Indian government promised the UN that they would respect the sovereignty of Kashmir. Kashmir is an ancient country in Central Asia surrounded by Pakistan, India, and China. It is currently under Indian military occupation with a curfew imposed.

During the cold war both Pakistan and India were client states of the US and the USSR respectively.

Now India is under populist control of a Hindu nationalist, Modi, supported by Trump.

On 26 Sept 2019 President Imran Khan warned the UN General Assembly of possible nuclear conflict over Kashmir if a massacre occurs when the curfew is lifted.

What is the truth of the matter?

How do we inform ourselves?