Stop Israeli annexation of Palestine

An update from Justice for Palestine (Brisbane) and BDS Australia….

More than 700 Australian academics and artists have signed a letter calling on Canberra to publicly oppose Israeli plans to annex large parts of the West Bank.

Last month, Australia was one of only two countries to vote against a United Nations Human Rights Council resolution condemning the proposed Israeli annexation of parts of the West Bank.

The strongly worded letter calls on the Australian government to “publicly oppose the Israeli government’s annexation plans and cease greenlighting Israel’s violations of human rights and fundamental principles of international law”.

BDS Australia is having an online forum coming up on August 29 with the co founder of BDS, Omar Barghouti and key First Nations and Palestinian Australians who will be discussing the shared experience of colonialism, dispossession and state based discrimination and how to counter it.

REGISTER HERE ( to join this important forum

OMAR BARGHOUTI – Palestinian writer and founding member of the BDS campaign

AMY MCQUIRE – Darumbal and South Sear Islander journalist and academic

DR RANDA ABDEL-FATTAH – Palestinian author, lawyer and activist

PROFESSOR TONY BIRCH – Indigenous Australian author, academic and activist

HIBA FARRA, Moderator – Palestinian lawyer and activist


#FreeMahmoud, #FreePalestine

BDS Activist arrested

Mahmoud Nawajaa, a prominent Palestinian human rights defender and BDS coordinator has been arrested by Israeli occupation forces ( in a night raid in Ramallah on Thursday July 30 and is currently held in Israel’s Jalameh high-security interrogation center, denied access to lawyers.

Mahmoud is one of the more than 4,700 Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. In the current circumstances, with the COVID19 virus spreading, mass detention aggravates health and safety risks to all detainees, adding to the common culture (  of torture and degrading and inhumane treatment of Palestinians in Israeli jails.

Here’s what you can do:

1. Write to your MPs and Foreign Minister Payne and ask that they urgently condemn Israel’s arrest and detention of Palestinian human rights defender, Mahmoud Nawajaa.

2. Mobilize support from human rights organisations, political parties, trade unions, and  church groups, asking them to put pressure on the government to speak out against Israel’s ongoing violations of human rights and international law.

3. Raise awareness on social media, use the hashtags, #FreeMahmoud #FreePalestine

Take action against Puma’s support of Israeli apartheid

Puma is involved in multiple activities in illegal Israeli settlements on stolen Palestinian land. Puma’s support for illegal Israeli settlements pushing Palestinian families off their land comes with costs. Following engagement with local Palestinian rights supporters, Luton Town FC is the latest club to drop Puma.

Join the #BoycottPuma ( campaign in Australia

Melbourne City FC, Richmond and Carlton AFL clubs all have sponsorship deals with Puma.
Phone or send a message urging Puma Australia to stop supporting illegal Israeli settlements and Israeli apartheid.
Phone or send a message to Melbourne City FC, Richmond and Carlton AFL clubs asking them to reconsider their deals with Puma until Puma withdraws its support for Israeli human rights abuses.
Find all details here on how to take action and send the message to Boycott Puma.  (
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Don’t Buy HP –  Please sign our pledge now (  and share with your friends

Don’t buy into HP’s support for Israel’s human rights abuses.
Did you know that HP and their spin-off companies supply Israel with the technology, equipment, and information used to perpetrate human rights violations against Palestinian people?

TAKE ACTION HERE (  to find out more and in less than 3 minutes, let the Managing Director of HP Australia and NZ know that you pledge to not purchase any HP products until they and all of their associated companies end all participation in the oppression of Palestinian people.

We can all make a difference by taking any of these actions in support of Palestinian human rights.

Look out for local events to come soon.

Justice for Palestine Brisbane meets on the first Monday of every month on Zoom. Direct Message the Facebook page if you wish to join the meeting next month.

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Justice for Palestine was formed in January 2009 to organise the demonstrations against the Israeli massacre in Gaza. It is a broad coalition of organisations and individuals in Brisbane who support freedom for Palestine. We are supporters of the international Boycott, Divestment, Sanctions campaign against apartheid Israel (