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Women’s Liberation

Join us for a range of speakers talking on issues of vital importance to women’s liberation. *Blowing the whistle on women’s sport *There is no such thing as Homogenderality: “gender identity” and lesbian erasure *The sex industry: Making connections, recognising … Continue reading


Chile Wakes Up! Social Upheaval and Territorial Assemblies

The next meeting of the 17 Group will take place on Wednesday the 4th of March at 7 pm in unit 6 at 20 Drury St, West End.  It will be addressed by long-time activist in Chile, Penny Glass, who is … Continue reading


Assange Extradition trial

It is easier to extradite a person from Britain to the US than the other way round. The US requires evidence from the Brits that a crime has been committed. When an US intelligence office’s wife killed a teenager on … Continue reading


Local government and Land Rights

“Native title is not Land Rights and Reconciliation is not Justice” – Gary Foley at Sam Watson’s funeral 6 December 2019. Paradigm Shift Friday 28 Feb 2020 4ZZZ fm 102.1 at noon. Yesterday on Thursday 27th Feb I drove out … Continue reading


Solidarity with Julian on ‘Only Human’

Julian Assange took on the US Wikileak’d ten years war in Afghanistan Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court … Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison … No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe No mention of his … Continue reading


Traditional owner call to stop Adani ‘Carbon Bomb’ in Central Queensland

In Brisbane King George Square on 22 Feb 2020, Wagan & Jagalingou traditional owner, Adrian Burragubba, makes a call to stop the Adani ‘Carbon Bomb’ on his land in Central Queensland. Continue reading


Brisbane Assange Action Queensland

A US Senator offered Julian Assange a deal of immunity from prosecution. The US administration saw it necessary to repudiate the offer claiming President Trump was not involved. Continue reading


One Decision, No Extradition!

Stop UK from deporting Julian Assange to the US


How Labor governs in Ipswich

“Opportunism will always produce Opportunists. Once you allow the politician to boss the show, he will give away everything to save himself, because he believes himself indispensable to the show, and in fact ends by becoming the show himself, and … Continue reading


Climate Justice – when King George Square is full

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The following statement was released by various organisations calling for a national day of action to demand climate action on February 22, 2020. *** National Day of Action on Climate Change 2019 was the year the climate crisis became impossible … Continue reading


At the theatre – ‘The Neighbourhood’

Real Stories.Real people. Presented by La Boite & Multicultural Australia, in association with Empire Theatres The revelatory work tracks seven individual, real-life journeys from the experience of fleeing homelands, to seeking refuge and creating, fostering and discovering a new community … Continue reading


Witness K

The Timor Sea Justice Forum is launching #Drop the Prosecutions today! (Why today? See below **)Please read the Statement below and pass it on to your networks.  Here’s a pdf. Australians were ashamed and angry when reading reports that our government spied on the East Timorese Prime Minister’s cabinet … Continue reading

Mission Critical – is saving our planet still possible?

Dr John Sinclair AO, founder of the Fraser Island Defenders Organisation (FIDO) died on 3rd February 2019.

FIDO is honoring the outstanding contribution John made to conservation generally, and Fraser Island (K’Gari) in particular, by establishing the John Sinclair Memorial Lecture.

This pioneering conservationist spent decades fighting first sand mining and then logging on K’Gari before it was World Heritage Listed in 1992.

The Inaugural Lecture will be delivered by renowned conservationist Dr Aila Keto AO, Founder and President of the Australian Rainforest Conservation Society.

FIDO hopes the John Sinclair Memorial Lecture will become established as an ongoing event providing a forum for the promotion of public awareness in relation to the significant environmental issues of the day.

Details and link for booking tickets @

Kindly distribute this invitation to any friends or colleagues who may have an interest in this forum.


Peter Shooter
Ph: 0417 649 158

Charmaine Foley

Ph: 0411 880 375

Assange solidarity in Brisbane

WBT posts this message from Ciaron O’Reilly from the local Bring Julian Home Campaign.

Ciaron’s leaflet from UK vigil

*This week we continue with a Mon – Fri/ 9am – 1pm Solidarity Vigil for Julian Assange outside the UK consul 100 Eagle St Brisbane.

** Julian’s extradition hearing in London begins Mon Feb 24th – we will have a large solidarity gathering outside the U.K. consul Brisbane with speakers 12 noon – 2pm / Mon Feb 24th.

I just received the email below from Tom, originally from Western Australia who camped with me outside the Ecuadorian embassy & later outside Belmarsh Prison. He will be at the extradition hearing in London & has recently found reasons to be cheerful in terms of Julian’s struggle. 

Hi Ciaron,

                We are into the final few days in the run up to the extradition hearing and for a change my optimism is growing every day.

Almost daily there are so many signs that the tide has turned, have noticed the public opinion is changing but on the political front, the parliament in Europe taking a stance, Corbin makes a statement in parliament and isn’t shouted down by Johnson, Australian parliamentarians form a cross bench support group, doctors for Assange, media mention Assange’s name in articles that are not smear campaigns, so much has changed since you ran a lonely campaign in a box outside the Ecuadorian Embassy and now this

Is that a gift to the Assange legal team?

Judge Arbersnot has set a precedent, cannot be extradited to a country where he will face life in prison without parole.

I am feeling positive and it is all built on the long lonely days you put in way back.

Here’s hoping

Keep up the good work.

Local Government in Queensland, broken?

Clock strikes the hour
trains roar down the line
children are playing their games
road workers dig
mother pleads with her son
board meeting counts out the gain

Sounds of Our Town by Jumping Fences

Paradigm Shift on community radio 4zzz (fm 102.1 Fridays at noon) is covering Queensland local government elections. This is the second in a series in the lead-up to voting on 28 March 2020. Please contact the announcer Ian on if you wish to contribute.

Ian (Paradigm Shift) and Elizabeth Handley (Brisbane Residents United) discuss the 2020 Local Government elections.

Ian interviews:
Chelle McIntyre – Candidate in Toowoomba
Gary Duffy – Ipswich Mayoral candidate

Supplementary interviews

Jumping Fences – Sounds of our town
Bobby Darin – Mack the Knife
Joni Mitchell – Night Ride Home


Thanks Andy for your essay on statistics.

During the industrial revolution in the 19th century, people were concentrated in towns often near factories. To entertain themselves, the new urban classes gambled on horse races, on sport, on anything really.
In order to calculate the odds of a horse winning (say) required a knowledge of probability and therefore statistics.

Well, that’s my take on how statistics evolved under capitalism.


“There are three types of lies,” the old saying goes: “lies, damned lies, and statistics”. Learning to distrust the supposedly simple mathematical truths of statistics is an essential survival mechanism for navigating our way through advertising promises and endless conflicting reports.

And yet I feel like over the years I’ve seen statistics becoming more and more prominent in our culture, taking on influence where once they seemingly had no relevance.

One of those areas is sport. American sports always loved statistics, and cricket by its bizarre nature always lent itself uniquely to mathematical analysis. But in recent years this has been taken to newheights – each year the television coverage boasts of some elaborate new way of crunching numbers. Popular website cricinfo has a regular feature of statistical analysis so detailed it has to be seen to be believed.

Other sports too have seemingly become obsessed with stats – soccer…

View original post 1,409 more words

No tales past Gailes

Happier Days – Former Ipswich Mayor Paul Pisasale and Deputy Mayor Cr Paul Tully ring the bell at the official opening of Fire Station 101 in Ipswich.

Queensland’s Crime and Corruption Commission (CCC) claim that the illegal antics of the Ipswich Mayor and his council went under the radar for years. In its report to state government the CCC’s MacSporran & Rice, both QCs, claim that:

“In many cases, the (illegal) behaviour continued over a significant period of time but went unchallenged and unreported.”

No Tales past Gailes
I wonder how residents of Ipswich and neighbouring shires feel about this assertion by the brainy blokes at the CCC? People who for over 40 years said that Pisasale was a crook. Workers who witnessed the rip offs and yet saw how Pisasale was cleared by the CCC on at least one previous occasion. How do such claims affect the credibility of the Pisasale’s deputy, the most experienced councillor in Queensland, Paul Tully, who maintained a code of silence for so many years?

Under the Constitution of Queensland, local governments are charged with the good rule and local government of their area.

Also, under the Local Government Act 2009, Ipswich City Council is the elected body responsible for the good rule and government of Ipswich City, and all councillors are accountable to the community for the local government’s performance. 

Private companies established by local governments can create corruption risks through a lack of oversight and transparency in expenditure and decision-making. They can contribute to the misuse of power and public funds for the personal benefit of councillors and their close associates.” – Culture and corruption risks in local government. Lessons from an investigation intoIpswich City Council (Operation Windage)

According to the Crime and Corruption Commission Operation Windage Report, private companies set up by the corrupt Ipswich City Council included Ipswich City Properties Pty Ltd, Ipswich City Developments Pty Ltd, Ipswich City Enterprises Pty Ltd, Ipswich City Enterprises Investments Pty Ltd and the Ipswich Motorsports Precinct Pty Ltd. – #CutAllTies

It’s a short 800m walk from the Minerals Council office to Parliament House in Canberra. The well-worn path between the coal lobby and our elected representatives was lined with bushfire debris yesterday as bushfire survivors, Pacific Climate Warriors and activists highlighted the coal lobby’s 20 years of blocking government action on climate change. If you’re keen to join the people powered movement to take back our democracy – learn more at our online webinar on tomorrow night at 6:30pm.

#CutAllTies Launch Webinar

Start: Thursday, February 13, 2020 • 6:30 PM • Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (GMT+10:00)

End: Thursday, February 13, 2020 • 7:45 PM • Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney (GMT+10:00)

Email from on Wednesday, 12 February 2020:

Hi Friend, 

Yesterday was extraordinary. Together with bushfire survivors, Pacific Climate Warriors and local activists we launched a groundbreaking campaign to take back our democracy from the hands of the coal lobby – #CutAllTies

Brave and resilient folks from the NSW South Coast brought the remains of their homes and properties all the way to Canberra to make a powerful statement – it’s time to put an end to the coal lobby’s trail of destruction.

80 people and 32 wheelbarrows lined the streets from Parliament House to the headquarters of the Minerals Council of Australia in front of media and politicians – here’s how it all went down:

Trail of Destruction - Nick with wheelbarrow

We met early to unload trailers of bushfire debris into the 32 wheelbarrows. There were all sorts of household items in the wreckage – teapots, solar panels, downpipes, even the kitchen sink. Behind every piece of debris was a powerful story of the damage being done by the climate crisis, and anger that the Government is refusing to take action in the wake of such a devastating tragedy.

Trail of Destruction - unloading trailers

Jack Egan, who lost his home on New Years Eve, gave powerful testimony to a throng of media, recounting his fear as he and his partner were separated as their house burnt to the ground. According to Jack, “after the firestorm passed that was a powerful emotional experience…at least we’ve survived bodily and almost psychologically.”

Jack knows too well the impact of 20 years of inaction on climate change in Australia, and he called on our Government to fulfil its first duty – to protect its citizens from harm – and cut all ties with the coal lobby so we can get on with becoming the renewable energy superpower we should be.

Jack's press conference

Together we marched the wheelbarrows from Parliament House along the short 800m walk to the Minerals Council office. 

Once at their office, The Pacific Climate Warriors created a seawall on the steps of the Minerals Council, and we heard an incredible spoken word poem from Sailoto about losing islands to sea level rise. 

Together, Sailoto and I delivered an invoice to the Minerals Council for the damages from the bushfires, the sunken money in fossil fuel subsidies, and the 20 years of holding back action on climate change that has cost us our future.

Why did we do it?

Because our research into the history of the Minerals Council has found that for over 20 years they’ve undermined action on the climate crisis. They’ve used advertising and lobbying campaigns, and an entrenched political revolving door, to undermine climate policies at every turn. You can read the whole dirt file here.

We know that we have all the solutions and public support we need to take action on the climate crisis, and support a just transition from fossil fuels to renewable energy. But the truth is, Australia will never be part of the solution to climate change while the Minerals Council and the fossil fuel lobby still have a stranglehold over our politics.

That’s why we’ve launched the Cut All Ties campaign, to restore our democracy to the people – not the polluters. We have a plan to take back our democracy so it answers to the community, not the coal lobby – and it’s going to take a huge grassroots effort to pull it off.

To find out how you can be part of this campaign, come along to this special launch webinar on Feb 13 to introduce the powerful campaign that will take down the power of the fossil fuel lobby.

I am feeling so inspired and fired up to take on this campaign, which looks beneath the surface at the hidden power that must shift in order to shift Australia’s climate politics. There is no greater antidote to despair than action, and this campaign is going to be action packed and win. Find out how to be a part of it. 

In hope, 

Lucy, for the whole 350 Australia team

P.S. If you can’t make the webinar – you can still get involved! Find more ways to get involved on our new website, 


Climate of Hope

This gallery contains 2 photos.

It is curious that people place emphasis on the threat of nuclear power being introduced in Australia when there is such abundance in solar and wind power which are much cheaper than the nuclear alternative. More needs to be done to stop uranium mining and export to countries that already have nuclear power which endangers lives and produces radioactive waste. Continue reading


International Women’s Day Brisbane 2020

Paradigm Shift (4ZZZ) coverage of 2020 local government election

Paradigm Shift 4ZZZ FM 102.1 Fridays at noon is covering of the 2020 local government elections. Emphasis is being placed on independent candidates. So far we have interviewed anti-corruption campaigners Rob Pyne (Cairns), Jim Dodrill (Ipswich). This week we will be interviewing Gary Duffy (Ipswich) and Chelle McIntyre (Toowoomba).

Brisbane City Hall 1958

If people wish to contribute please contact Ian at

Paradigm Shift is broadcast on community radio 4ZZZ FM 102.1 Fridays at noon on the lands of the Toorubul, Jagera, Ugarapul, Mununjali and Yuggera people. We pay our respects to the traditional owners of the land.

Community radio 4ZZZ provides daily coverage of important events both local and overseas. It is an independent news source funded entirely by subscribers. It has a number of programs in the middle of the day concerned with the important issues such as ecology, democracy, women’s rights, renters and prisoners rights, gay rights et al.

We challenge the assumptions of our current society, to resist oppression and investigate alternative ways of living for a world based on justice, solidarity and sustainability.

Paradigm Shift
4ZZZ FM 102.1
Fridays @ noon
0407 687 016

The ‘good oil’ on Climate Change

When discussing the Climate Crisis with others, you need good reliable information – here are my recommended websites

Drawdown – give the solutions in order of environmental, economic and social prior for addressing climate crisis by drawing down CO2 and other greenhouse gases to safe levels

Converting the Australian Economy especially energy / transports / heavy industry / agriculture–

Climate Science and Emissions Analysis by NGO based at Oxford Uni – gives breakdown and excellent explanations

Country – production /  consumption / trade / cumulatively over time

Income / Inequality

Sector – Electricity/transport/agriculture etc

Other Reasons to get off fossil fuels

WHO analysis of air pollution deaths globally

Subsidies to the Fossil Fuel Industry – 6% of global GDP and make subsidies to renewables or energy efficiency pale into insignificance

Please pass these on to all and sundry.


Trevor Berrill

Sustainable Energy Systems Consultant & Educator

29 Burnett St

Wellington Point

Queensland 4160


Phone 61 7 3207 5077 or 

Mobile 0400 177 283

Cuban cyclist, Arlenis Sierra performs well in Australia

Feb 6: After winning the yellow jersey in the first stage of the 2020 Herald Sun Tour, being held in regional Victoria, Cuban cyclist Arlenis Sierra, riding with the Astana team has finished third overall in the race.

This comes on the back of winning Cadel’s Race in 2019 and coming second this year in the same race.
After winning the first stage of the Herald Sun Tour, Arlenis, speaking through an interpreter said “I’m very happy for this victory. I had a lot of support from the team and I know the strongest team was Mitchelton-Scott because they are four strong girls. But with a united team we can do good things, I think.” “Well, tomorrow is a very hard stage,” she said via the interpreter. “But we have the leader jersey so we try to defend. We will work as a team and see what happens because it’s a very long climb. “We will see how the legs will respond too.”

Cuba Friendship

General Meeting – All Welcome 2020 National Consultation
Cuba sends message of support to the Australian people
Cuban cyclist, Arlenis Sierra performs well in Australia
Punishing travel, a constant goal in Trump’s policy against Cuba
General Meeting – All Welcome 
Tuesday 11th February 6.30 pm
Qld Council of Unions Building Level 2 16 Peel Street South Brisbane

The Australia-Cuba Friendship Society (Brisbane branch) invites you to help build solidarity with the Cuban revolution.
Our program for 2020 Correspondence
Brigade report ‘Dream Circle’
Project report National Consultation
IWD May Day
General Business
For additional agenda items and all enquiries contact
Lachlan Hurse, President, ACFS (Brisbane)
2020 National Consultation
4-5 April, Canberra
The Canberra branch of the Australia Cuba Friendship Society has set the date of the 2020 National Consultation for the 4–5 April, 2020.

It will be great if we can have a good sized contingent attend from Brisbane. Details and the registration form are available HERE. Registrations close Friday 6th March.
Cuba sends message of support to the Australian people From Prensa Latina
Havana, Jan 16 (Prensa Latina) President of the National Assembly and the Council of State of Cuba, Esteban Lazo, sent to the Australian people and government a message of solidarity following the damages caused by devastating bushfires in that nation.

‘On behalf of the National Assembly of People’s Power, our people and myself, I wish to express our heartfelt condolences to the relatives of the deceased, to the Australian Parliament and people for all the damage caused by the bushfires,’ reads the message posted on the Cuban Assembly website. In the message sent to the Speaker of the Australian House of Representatives, Tony Smith, Lazo regrets the loss of human life, the impact on flora and fauna, and the high economic damages caused by the large-scale fires. The president of the National Assembly of Cuba expressed his concern about the effects of climate change, which as well as causing and leading to the rapid spread of bushfires, causes drought, the melting of glaciers, and ‘other life-threatening phenomena.’ Earlier, on January 7, President of the Republic Miguel Diaz-Canel extended his condolences and the solidarity of the Cuban people to Australians on his Twitter account.
Cuban cyclist, Arlenis Sierra performs well in Australia From CyclingTips
Feb 6: After winning the yellow jersey in the first stage of the 2020 Herald Sun Tour, being held in regional Victoria, Cuban cyclist Arlenis Sierra, riding with the Astana team has finished third overall in the race. This comes on the back of winning Cadel’s Race in 2019 and coming second this year in the same race. After winning the first stage of the Herald Sun Tour, Arlenis, speaking through an interpreter said “I’m very happy for this victory. I had a lot of support from the team and I know the strongest team was Mitchelton-Scott because they are four strong girls. But with a united team we can do good things, I think.” “Well, tomorrow is a very hard stage,” she said via the interpreter. “But we have the leader jersey so we try to defend. We will work as a team and see what happens because it’s a very long climb. “We will see how the legs will respond too.”
Punishing travel, a constant goal in Trump’s policy against Cuba From Prensa Latina
By Martha Andrés Román Washington, (Prensa Latina) US president Donald Trump and his administration continue their attacks against travel to Cuba, by pushing restrictions on charter flights that will make it even more difficult to visit provinces outside of Havana. In a statement released on Friday (January 10), the Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, informed he asked the Department of Transportation (DOT) to suspend until further notice all public charter flights between the United States and Cuban destinations other than José Martí International Airport of the island’s capital. The statement added that nine airports in the neighboring country will be affected, and said operators of that service will have a period of 60 days to discontinue all affected flights. Also, Pompeo added that the DOT will also limit charter flights directed to the aforementioned Havana air terminal, which will be defined in an order to be issued in the near future. This action is a new blow for the already affected air communication between the two nations, because by a similar measure last December 10, when the Trump administration canceled all flights of US commercial airlines to Cuban destinations outside the capital. From the beginning of this restriction, charters saw their trips increase, mainly due to the demand of thousands of Cuban-Americans who need to visit their relatives in different provinces of the country away from Havana. That alternative still present will disappear next March with the new decision, which will impose more restrictions on families, because routes that previously delayed only the time of travel by plane, will demand much longer movements by land from the capital to the final destination. The Republican executive said he seeks to prevent the government of the Caribbean country from having access to income from US travelers; and mentioned as grounds for adopting these measures alleged violations of human rights and the support of the Antillean country to the constitutional government of Nicolás Maduro in Venezuela. The same as with the previous restriction, this Friday’s announcement raised voices of condemnation against the Washington decision, which denounced that with it the Cuban people and families in both nations are harmed, while also limiting freedom of travel for Americans, who are forbidden to go to Cuba as tourists. ‘Who will be harmed by this? Families, mothers, fathers, sisters, brothers, sons, daughters. The Trump administration is hurting Florida and Cuban-American families … again’, said Democratic Congresswoman Kathy Castor on Twitter. The Trump administration’s ‘New Year’s gift’ to the Cuban people highlights the cynical nature of current politics and a serious disconnection between the stated goal of ‘supporting the Cuban people’ and the real-time effect damaging it, said in turn, Collin Laverty, president of the Cuba Educational Travel organization. For the ambassador of the Greater Antilles in the United States, José Ramón Cabañas, the objective of this measure is to limit the number of people who see the reality of the neighboring country for themselves. In addition, six organizations issued a joint statement in which they condemned the new flight restriction and called on the country’s Congress to pass the Freedom Act for Americans to travel to Cuba in 2019. Stopping the ability of Cuban-Americans to see their families is a violation of human rights. It is a cynical and cruel political act that is below the values and dignity of this great country, said James Williams, president of Engage Cuba, one of the groups that signed that declaration. This blow to the flights was criticized, in addition, by Cubans residing in the southern state of Florida, including Carlos Rafael Diéguez, journalist for Radio Miami, who told Prensa Latina there is no doubt that the Trump administration, ‘together with the anti-Cuban ultra-right of Miami, proposes to end the Revolution, but will not succeed. ‘ The more measures the US government imposes against the island, the greater the unity of the Cubans, Diéguez said. The most affected are families and peoples, but Cuba and Cubans do not give up, that should be very clear, said Elena Freyre, president of the Foundation for the Standardization of Relations between the United States and Cuba. We will never stop traveling to visit our relatives and our country, Freyre emphasized, and her words seem to be corroborated by figures released this week by the island’s foreign minister, Bruno Rodríguez, who reported that more than 623 thousand Cubans living abroad visited their homeland in 2019. Of that total, and despite previous regulations adopted by the US executive, 552 thousand 816 visitors came from the United States.

Harry, Meagan and Marx

So reads the headline for Bagehot’ s column for The Economist on January 18, 2020.

A sub-head warns that ‘Brand Sussex represents the biggest threat to the monarchy so far.’ The Suss-exiters threaten ‘to unleash the spirit of
capitalism on the very core of the monarchy.’ (Full text follows.)

What’s new? ‘By Appointment’ has adorned labels for soap, biscuits, whiskey, and soda water for twice as long as one of world richest has been allowed to reign over us. In 1934, the Sydney Morning Herald approved of the Prince of Wales’ performing as ‘England’s commercial traveller.’ In recent decades, one or other parasite has been dispatched to Saudi Arabia and like bastions of the English Tree of Liberty to flog weapons.
Sovereignty under capitalism is supposed to reside with the consumer. But too much freedom of choice eats into profits. How to resolve that

A 1928 Report on the seasonal employment patterns in the rag trades conjectured:

There is nevertheless some possibility of forcibly educating the consumer, as it were, by the action of manufacturers and salesmen, either
individually or in concert (the latter a more remote possibility in the present state of organisation in the clothing industries). (Emphasis

In 1930, the British garment industry dispelled the ILO’s gloomy prognosis when it established a Colour Council to limit the range of colours on offer.
The marketers portrayed their educational efforts as a service to the consumer who would be able to coordinate her e􀀠·tsemble· with greater ease. Each season, the Council’s charts make it possible for you to buy French silks that will match Scottish tweeds, an English umbrella or match Viennese shoes, Czechoslovakian jewellery to tone with your evening frock, and even the sewing silk for making up your new season’s model.

That service had been made possible because what the industry still pictured as madame’s whims and fancies had been standardised more than two years before.

The British Colour Council secured two forms af Royal Patronage: first, a female Royal acted as patron; secondiy, the Palace. ccndescended to allow the Council to apply the imprimatur of the throne whe,t announcing the
fashionable colours for Coronations, Royal Tours and Weddings.

from Humphrey McQueen

Electric car costs $6,000 to build

Far away from Tesla HQ in California, Nigerian student Segun Oyeyiola converted a Volkswagen Beetle into a wind- and solar-powered car.

Far away from Tesla HQ in California a Nigerian student builds a cheap electric car

Change parking meters into charging meters!


Change Toowoomba

Toowoomba is second largest city in the Murray Darling Basin. It is probably Queensland’s most conservative population centre (in the south-east, at least). For a long time Toowoomba has been a racist town with fascist organisations such as the League … Continue reading

2020 Qld Local Government Elections

“These are dangerous days
To say what you feel is to dig your own grave”
– Sinead O’Connor

Paradigm Shift on community radio 4zzz (fm 102.1 Fridays at noon) – Friday 7 Feb – is covering Queensland local government elections. This is the first in a series in the lead-up to voting on 28 March 2020. Please contact the announcer Ian on if you wish to contribute.

Brisbane (Meanjin) is a city of the homeless, especially in summer when it is warm; its a place of summer storms, of weatherboard homes, high-rise on a floodplain, a dirty river slicing urban sprawl into a north / south divide. A port city to export coal and wheat. An aerodrome without curfew with two parallel runways. Meanjin, a city of deaths in custody where street marchers were arrested in their thousands crying out for democratic rights in the 1970s. This river city is hot and humid. The climate has changed. Creeks are flooding through developments with banks falling down. It is not safe for strangers, especially if they are young women, who have been attacked and killed only metres from police stations. Once it had central markets in Roma Street, trams and trolley buses, now it has freeways and traffic jams.

Each September, this city is on fire.

Ban on Street marches 1977-1979

Once dominated by Labor the Brisbane City Council is the largest local government in the southern hemisphere with a $3.15 billion a year budget.

Curiously it has a library network without parallel where you can borrow books, film and magazines from and about anywhere in the world.

Yet developers run city hall.

To quote from Maaate – Bribe Proofing the Public Purse against Good Blokes by Bernie Dowling:

Something is broken at councils in south-east Queensland. By 2017, it could not be ignored. The Crime and Corruption Commission, an independent investigator created by State Parliament, called an inquiry to investigate the conduct of the 2016 elections for the councils of Moreton Bay Region, Ipswich and the Gold Coast.”

This inquiry was later broadened out to include Logan City Council. As a result many corruption charges were laid against councillors and the entire Ipswich City and Logan City Councils were sacked by the Minister Stirling Hinchcliffe.

So, with 2020 local government elections imminent, I attended the postponed Reimagine Brisbane: Ideas Fiesta and Policy Conference held on Saturday 31 January 2020. The conference was delayed out of respect for the deceased Sam Watson, an aboriginal leader who grew up in Mt Gravatt in Brisbane and who had such an impact on this city.

At the end of the plenary session, councillor Jonathan Sri made a call for feedback and further discussion. This is Paradigm Shift’s attempt to do so. This is part of a series where I wish to tell a wider audience what important work is being done behind the scenes by activists to improve representation at local government levels here in the capital and in regional Queensland. There are local government reform alliance groups around the state particularly about amalgamation of shires but little is known about candidates who are part of this reform. I hope to remedy that.

Michael Berkman (Member for Maiwar) proposals to stop corporations influencing councils and government by giving political donations.

Ian discusses local government with Rob Pyne from North Qeensland.
Topics covered are – Is it a Climate change Election? – where power lies – what are councillors paid – corruption in Ipswich and Logan City – Operation Belcarra into how elections are funded – calls for ICAC style inquiry – ad hoc changes – higher accountability than state government elections – amalgamation from 156 councils down to 77 councils – cairns amalgamation of Port Douglas with Cairns – should have combined Cairns with Kuranda and not Kuranda with  Mareeba – distribution of funds – money raised by commonwealth – state and federal should do more – a lot of money spent on Douglas shire – bridges needed to be replaced – councils often the biggest employer – infrastructure – the public interest – transparency – councils should operate water infrastructure – local repesentation versus party representation – influence of News Corp on elections – bad media coverage – Queensland Government Reform Alliance

Andy talks with Jim Dodrill from Ipswich Ratepayers & Residents Association about how his campaign against corruption ended in both he and his father being bashed.

David Rovics – Margot Black Campaign Song
Ruth Mundy – Love in the time of coral reefs  
Jumping Fences – View from a Wooden Chair

Keep Nuclear Energy out of Queensland

Vigil in solidarity with Julian Assange

*Make phone contact (preferably text) if you can join me at any stage  over the next three weeks in a solidarity vigil with Julian outside the U.K. Consul 100 Eagle St. Brisbane Ciaron Ph. 0402 252 354

Monday 10 FEB to Friday 14 FEB
9AM – 1PM

Monday 17 FEB to Friday 21 FEB
9AM – 5PM

Monday 24 FEB to Friday 28 FEB
9AM – 5PM


To vigil is to stay awake, while society slumbers oblivious to mounting

Julian Assange is presently in a maximum security prison in the United
Kingdom fighting extradition to the United States.

Julian is in jeopardy for standing with the poor and bombed. By exposing
the wars and high crimes of the rich and powerful.

Join us in keeping a solidarity vigil outside the UK Consulate, in the
lead up to and through out Julian Assange extradition hearing.

First day of extradition hearing 24FEB 2020

Contact: Ciaron O’Reilly
0402 252 354

Face Book Vigil Link