Solidarity with Julian on ‘Only Human’

Julian Assange took on the US  
Wikileak'd ten years war in Afghanistan 
Julian roams downstairs in Woolwich Court 
Waiting to be taken through tunnel to Belmarsh Prison 
No Wikileaks today about Sapper Jamie Larcombe 
No mention of his Afghan mate
Both dead in Mirabad 
                        - Ian Curr, Last Train to Mirabad

On Monday 24thFeb about 100 people rallied outside the British Consulate at 100 Eagle Street Brisbane to protest the detention of Julian Assange on extradition charges and to demand “One Decision, No Extradition!”

Only Human on Brisbane’s community radio 4ZZZ supported the protestors by broadcasting this show. It includes interviews by John Jiggens (Bay Fm) with John Shipton (Julian’s father). Ian interviews Derek outside the embassy who was standing there to support the freedoms that we all expect to enjoy and to demand that the UK authorities end the torture of Julian Assange. They discuss the deal offered Julian by the US and revelations about the negotiations entered into in 2017. There is no crime involved but there are lives at stake. Assange helped get whistle blower Snowden out of Hong Kong away from the clutches of the American CIA.

Protestors were joined outside the British Consulate by speakers and performers from 12-2pm. Former Greens senator for Queensland, Andrew Bartlett, said:

“It’s time for every Queensland Member of Parliament to speak out in support of Julian Assange’s basic rights, and the essential principle of supporting journalists and publishers who are brave enough to expose the activities and misdeeds of governments.”

“When I was in the Senate last year, it was deeply disappointing to see so few politicians willing to stand up and be counted by speaking out in support of Julian Assange.”

“Currently, George Christensen is the only Queensland MP to be part of the Julian Assange Support Group.” “Why are the rest still staying in the background and keeping their heads down?” said Mr Bartlett.

Meanwhile in London lawyers for Assange signalled they would call a witness a former employee of a Spanish security company who says surveillance was carried out for the US on Assange while he was at Ecuador’s London embassy and that conversations had turned to potentially kidnapping or poisoning him.

Ciaron O’Reilly, a peace activist and strong supporter of Assange said that “Assange has a very strong legal team. Client lawyer confidentiality has been smashed and the extradition action dropped.

Ciaron spoke about other extradition actions and about the UK invasion of Iraq. O’Reilly said that extinction rebellion has shown more militancy than the anti-war movement in the UK led by organisation like Stop the War Coalition and Amnesty International. Stop the War Coalition was formed shortly after the September 11 attacks, to campaign against unjust wars in Afghanistan and the Iraq reducing both countries to unliveable hell holes.

 A letter of demand for Mr Assange’s immediate release, was taken into the UK Consular General Ms Joanne Freeman at the protest. It was initially refused until Sarina Russo interceded having her staff deliver the letter.

Ciaron O’Reilly speaks in solidarity with Julian Assange inside the UK Embassy building in Brisbane on 24 Feb 2020.

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