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Toowoomba is second largest city in the Murray Darling Basin. It is probably Queensland’s most conservative population centre (in the south-east, at least). For a long time Toowoomba has been a racist town with fascist organisations such as the League of Rights based there. Toowoomba’s main football stadium was offensively named the Nigger Brown Stand. The stand was pulled down in 2008 after court action by a local aboriginal person. Toowoomba has regular arson attacks against local mosques, with two fires last year.

Toowoomba is noted for its gardens and parks and sits on top of the range at about 700 metres. It can be terribly hot in Summer (40 degrees centigrade) and cold in winter (-1 degrees). Its main industries are agriculture, transport (mainly roads), and education. Its major employers are in manufacturing, health services, retail, construction and education. It has one of the highest road toll fatalities in Australia.

In 2011 Toowoomba suffered a catastrophic flood killing many and causing widespread damage. The colonists built the main street on a waterway so Toowoomba’s central business district was hit by a flash flood after a thunderstorm.

Having said that Toowoomba has had an alternative thinking community, initially around the old Darling Downs Institute of Advanced Education DDIAE and in the local arts community generally. I remember during the street marches people came out in the East Creek Park while 600 police sat in their hot & stuffy cars and buses waiting for the march that never happened. Here is one of the candidates, Michelle McIntyre, running for the 2020 local government elections in Toowoomba.

Ian Curr
9 Feb 2020


Well known artist and personality Chelle McIntyre wishes to announce her nomination for Toowoomba Regional Council Election 2020. Her drive to represent in local politics and region development has been inspired by her Great-grandfather former Toowoomba Mayor and Alderman, Joseph Sharp McIntyre. Her great Aunt, Lady Janet, the sister of Joseph, lived at Gabbinbar Homestead with her husband Sir Hugh Nelson, the 11th Premier of Qld.

Following more than a decade of public service with the Australian Taxation Office, Chelle spent time travelling throughout the USA and Asia before settling in Toowoomba in 2003 to raise her family.

She has worked in retail and horticulture in both commercial and local small business. She is an announcer and committee member of Community Radio 4DDB 102.7fm based in the city.

Throughout her time here she has engaged with the local community in the Arts and Music scene completing study in interest areas of Visual Arts and Horticulture through the Toowoomba TAFE. She is a member of Arts Council Toowoomba which has orchestrated many outstanding projects.

The downturn in what has previously been a vibrant creative scene interested Chelle to pursue a greater involvement in local decision making.

“Everything seems to be about big business but community, the people who actually make this region, they seem to miss out on having their voice heard and their needs prioritised.”

The main focus of Chelle’s campaign is to truly represent people and those who know her understand her commitment to advocacy and a fresh approach, bringing a contemporary vision for a brighter future for our residents in both city and outer regions.

One issue Chelle is passionate about is a healthy, effective public transport system by way of using smaller, more frequent services that link all regions and events and operate for greater functionality.

She believes a better use and preservation of green spaces within all the region could boost tourism year round, create community engagement and help small business grow. Her ideas may appeal to the broader population presenting opportunities for people of all abilities, indigenous culture, youth and the disadvantaged.

A revival of the Toowoomba Art scene is also on her agenda by having Council create an Arts Community Development office to open lines of communication for projects and co-operation to ensure longevity of the region reputation and further fostering of its cultural heritage and attractiveness to residents and visitors alike.

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