How Labor governs in Ipswich

“Opportunism will always produce Opportunists. Once you allow the politician to boss the show, he will give away everything to save himself, because he believes himself indispensable to the show, and in fact ends by becoming the show himself, and making a holy show of the rest of us. The supposed strong point made by the defaulters is their practical achievement of something in our time . . . legislating up to public opinion as all politicians do. But no party worthy of the name of Labour will follow public opinion; it will make and mould it.” – Presidential Address of Mat Reid at the 1907 Qld Labour Conference.

Here is a podcast of the Paradigm Shift for 21 FEB 2020.

It includes a long interview with Bill Heck, a ‘Team Work‘ candidate for councilor in Ipswich Division 3 and another with Greens mayoral candidate Pat Walsh.

John Jiggens interviews John Shipton about his son, Julian Assange who is up for extradiction to the US facing life in prison.

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Here is the full interview I did with Pat Walsh … part 4 (which did not go to air) contains a succinct statement of what Pat Walsh stands for.

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