UQ Union complex – ‘history not fabric’

I hear what you say – Sir Zelman Cowen, Vice-Chancellor University of Qld during the Vietnam War Heritage Council hears case for protecting Union complex at University of Queensland Advocates for protecting the student Union complex at Queensland University have put their case to the Queensland Heritage Council at hearings, on Friday 25 October, where … Continue reading UQ Union complex – ‘history not fabric’

Pots & pans ring out in solidarity with Chile

Pots & pans rang out across Brisbane Square in front of the casino sounding out people's dissatisfaction with the turn of events this week. Chile, like Australia, is a country with a big middle class and is often used as a model of economic reform for the Americas. Yet now it has erupted into mass demonstrations and looting as a direct result of economic inequality and state repression. The poor have run out of choices ...