Plastic action

Coles and Woolworths were required to ban plastic shopping bags but when you look at the products that they sell they have increased the packaging! Take vegetables. Plastic packaging has increased with a price added for the Xtra packaging. So mushrooms that are unpackaged are way cheaper than mushrooms packed. No amount of individual action can stop Coles and Woolworths from doing this … that’s the problem with this campaign. See below


This is exciting! It’s day one of Plastic Free July, and time to kick off our work together on your plastic free pledge. This week, we’ll be starting by focusing on our personal choices and having conversations with our communities.

Did you know that half of all seabirds and a third of all sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs? Isn’t that disgusting!? Much of this plastic is single-use – used once, and yet lasting forever.

By pledging to stop plastic pollution, you are part of the solution.

What you can do this week:
Grab yourself a cuppa, and take a few minutes to read our Plastic Action Pack. It’s all there, everything to get you started – background info on the big polluting items, checklists for action, and even a handy door hanger to remind you to take your bags!

Action One: Your personal action

After reading the pack, decide: What is going to be your main focus for the month? What item(s) are you giving the flick and substituting for a natural alternative?

It takes a village to stop plastic pollution. Now you’ve pledged, it’s essential you invite your friends and family along too. It’s so important that you have the support you need to make these changes last longer than plastic pollution itself!

Action Two: Recruit your allies

Copy and Paste this in a text message to your top three most-texted friends/family members:

“Hello. I’ve taken a plastic pollution free pledge! Did you know that half of all seabirds and a third of all sea turtles have plastic in their stomachs? It makes me sick! I want to do my bit for clean and healthy oceans, so I’m taking the steps this July to make it a reality. Will you help me?”

That’s it. Use this message to start conversations with those closest around you. Share with them the steps you’re taking to help our oceans, ask them to support you by taking similar steps, and encourage them to take the pledge.

If you want to encourage them to take up the pledge, send them the URL

By pledging to stop plastic pollution, you’re an ocean advocate. And together, we can be the solution to tackling ocean plastic pollution.

Thank you Mitch for helping turn the tide.

Speak next week,

Jimmy Cordwell

Plastic Pollution Campa

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