Lox Pics

The Spanish film Festival is coming up in Brisbane at the Palace Cinema from 24 April till 9 May 2019. Screening times of the films below can be found at https://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/cinema-del-popolo/lox-pics/

  The Realm (El Reino)    Spain, France    Political Thriller    website
A March to Remember (Vitoria, 3 de Marzo) *  SpainHistorical Drama, Thriller  website
Peret: The King of Gypsy Rumba (Peret, Yo Soy La Rumba)  Spain  Documentary  website
The Accordionists’s Son (El Hijo del acordionista)  Spain  Drama  website
Rojo (Rojo)Argentina, Belgium, Brazil, Germany  Thriller  website
The Chambermaid (La Camarista)  Mexico  Drama  website
  The Projectionist (El Proyeccionista)  Dominican Republic  Drama  website
The Quietude (La Quietud)  Argentina  Drama  website
  Yuli  Spain, Cuba, UK Germany  Biography, Drama  website

For more details see https://workersbushtelegraph.com.au/cinema-del-popolo/lox-pics/

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