Save 37 Murri Homes in Toowoomba

Dear Members of the Community,

As members of the Toowoomba Housing Task Force, we are reaching out to you about our campaign to save the 37 Aboriginal homes recently put up for auction. On Christmas Eve last year, families were surprised to find ‘For Sale’ signs on their houses, originally managed by Downs Aborigines and Islanders Housing. The lack of consultation with members and tenants has left tenants at risk of eviction and we need your help.

We are in need of financial support to help us fight for our community homes, homes that our elders had fought for to provide our people with stable homes for our families.

We presently have two lawyers who are stating that we do have legal grounds to fight for our homes.

But we do need further funding to attend meetings, legal documents need to be paid for etc. so it would be much appreciated if you could support us at this critical stage with financial donations through our fundraising page.

You can support us with a donation at:

And follow the campaign at:

We would also appreciate if you could forward this information to your networks.

Kindest regards,

Housing Taskforce

Tyrone Pearce 041257767
James Boney 0412889790
Kevina Suey 0433802894

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